Choosing the Right Gas Logs for Your Fireplace

When you think of putting a log on the fire, you probably think first about a piece of wood that you burn up with a natural flame. That’s one option, but more and more homeowners are preferring propane or natural gas over burning wood. If you are going to go with a gas fireplace, or if you already have one that you’d like to update, finding the right gas logs is an essential step.


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What Do Gas Logs Do?

In this application, the word “log” is a bit of a misnomer – these aren’t actually logs in the traditional sense. Instead, they are products that have been designed to look like logs and allow gas to flow through them and out of designed openings. When the gas fire is lit, the flames will come out of those openings and closely replicate the look of an actual wood fire. Quality gas logs will allow you to enjoy a beautiful fire day after day with impressive durability and minimal loss in performance over the years.


Some Key Considerations

So, when picking out gas logs for a fireplace, what should you be looking for? The final choice is up to you, but here are some important considerations to keep in mind.


  • Some people like to have a rather full fireplace, with plenty of flames and plenty of logs for aesthetic effect. But that’s not the only option – you could also choose to have a limited number of logs in the fireplace, favoring a clean, minimalist look. It’s up to you but think about what will fit your style best before deciding what set of logs to purchase.


  • While all of the logs you can pick from are going to imitate the look of natural wood in some way, there are varied shades available. You might opt for a lighter wood tone, or you may favor something darker, with plenty of faux bark showing on the front. Again here, there is no right answer, so just think about what will look best with your décor and what will match your tastes.


  • How much flame you want to show. The layout of some log sets will obscure quite a bit of the flame, while other log arrangements are more open and allow for easy viewing of the flame. Yet again, it’s a matter of personal preference for how you want it to be set up.


Getting the Right Help

Once you have picked out the appropriate gas logs for your fireplace, the last step will be having them installed so you can get the fireplace up and running right away. For that, you’ll want to turn to the professional help of a team like the one at Berico. This is a job that isn’t well-suited to the average homeowner, as mistakes made in the installation could lead to a safety hazard. Trust the Berico team and know you’ll have many cozy nights in front of the gas fireplace ahead of you.