Your Residential HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Keeping up with HVAC maintenance is an important part of owning a home. If you allow your maintenance tasks to fall behind, you might find that your system no longer works as efficiently as it once did – and there may be more repairs that pop up along the way, as well. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to keep up with maintenance, especially when you work with a professional partner like Berico.


For all Greensboro heating repair and HVAC maintenance needs, turn to the team at Berico for assistance. With years of experience and a solid reputation in this industry, your system will be in good hands from start to finish.


What is Preventive HVAC Maintenance?

The idea of preventive HVAC maintenance is to stay ahead of any problems that may be likely to come up within your system in the months and years ahead. By cleaning and inspecting various components, it’s possible for a professional technician to keep the system healthy and steer clear of common issues. This means you can avoid surprise downtime when the system needs a repair, and you’ll likely save money in the long run, as well.


HVAC maintenance is one of those areas where you need to spend a little bit of time and money upfront in order to save even more time and money later. Sure, it might be hard to convince yourself to spend money on HVAC maintenance while the system is working nicely, but stick with a consistent maintenance schedule and the results you get will speak for themselves.


Key Fall Maintenance Points

It’s likely that your HVAC system has to work hard to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, both during the hot summer season and during the chilly winter months. The first type of maintenance we’d like to discuss is the fall maintenance visit, which obviously takes place before the harshest winter weather moves in. Some of the key points that should be managed during that visit include –


  • One important fall maintenance point is to make sure your air conditioner is in good shape after working hard all summer. This can include having the coils cleaned, draining pans, and checking various other components.


  • To get ready for cold weather, the furnace (or heat pump) should be carefully inspected to make sure all parts are working as they should. This inspection will help you get efficient, reliable performance all season long.


  • This is a good time to check the status of all vents to make sure they are set in the right positions for warming the house during winter. Some of them may have been closed long ago so it’s easy to forget that they need to be moved back. If you have some rooms that feel colder than you would expect, make sure the vents in those areas are fully open.


Don’t Forget About Spring Preparations

Just as in the fall, maintenance in the spring season can help get your system ready for the challenges of the changing weather – the arrival of summer, in this case. Making sure your air conditioning system is fully prepared for the hot, humid weather that is sure to arrive will help you stay comfortable all the way through the summer and into the early fall.


Also, this article wouldn’t be complete without talking about the importance of changing the air filter in your system regularly. Not only will this be done during maintenance visits, but you should also change it out on your own a couple of other times during the year to keep the system running properly on fresh air. Reach out to Berico to learn more about maintenance options and what is best for you and your busy schedule.