Common Burlington HVAC Problems and How to Prevent them

pic_heatingCooling-300x141In the Triad we experience all four seasons, including hot summers and cold winters. As the winter season is upon us, we have switched our furnaces on to battle the cold night temperatures. If your heating system is not working properly, there are a few common problems that tend to occur that may require HVAC service in Burlington.

Common heating problems:

  1. Mechanical failure. HVAC systems are complex machines with many moving parts. Over time these parts are destined to wear out and require repair or replacement. Besides simply wearing out, parts can loosen up over time or dry out and need to be lubricated.
  2. Low air flow. If it seems that there is insufficient air coming from your vents, you may have a problem with air flow to or from your system. Often this is due to dirty or clogged filters. Replace your filters and check to see if the flow of air is stronger. If the problem persists, schedule service with your Heating & Air Conditioning company.
  3. Uneven heating. Do some rooms feel warmer than others when your heat is on? Are there some areas of your home that do not heat to a comfortable level? This could be due to a number of different problems from ductwork to mechanical issues. Again, check your filters for excess dust and replace if necessary. If the situation doesn’t improve it may be time to call a professional heating and air conditioning service.
  4. Thermostat issues. Have you set your thermostat for your desired temperature, only to find that your home never reaches that temperature? Does your heat run constantly? Is there a warning light on your thermostat that is on or blinking? These things can mean any number of problems with your thermostat or the system itself. It’s best to have an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist diagnose and repair the problem.
  5. Pilot problems. The pilot light is what ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber in order to heat the air that warms your home. In older furnaces the pilot stays lit all the time during the heating season, unless it unexpectedly goes out. Newer furnaces have electric ignited pilots that do not need to remain lit all the time. Whatever the type, if the pilot malfunctions your system will fail to produce heat.
  6. Electrical issues. Electrical wiring can easily become loose, disconnected, or corroded. If electrical connections are not right the entire system could lose power, leading to no heat on a cold day or night. It is important to have a professional handle all electrical issues for safety reasons.

Prevent common HVAC problems with regular maintenance from Alamance Oil

Most of the above problems can be prevented with Burlington HVAC maintenance. Often referred to as preventative maintenance, a yearly tune-up for your central heating and air conditioning system can eliminate these problems before they occur unexpectedly and leave you in the cold. Maintenance involves inspecting, cleaning, and if necessary, repairing all the parts of your HVAC system. Filters are replaced, parts are cleaned, electrical wiring is checked, and the thermostat is tested. Alamance Oil offers Comfort and Protection Service Plans that can prevent common HVAC problems. Schedule service or call 336-226-9371 to get started with a plan today.