Control Humidity Levels With Air Conditioning in Greensboro

Air Conditioning in GreensboroWhen it comes to air conditioning, it will seem that a larger unit would provide better cooling in your home. However, a Greensboro air conditioner that is too large for your home will waste energy, and potentially cause high humidity problems, such as mold buildup and even condensation on your walls and windows. At Berico Fuels, we will only consider the air conditioning systems that are the right size for your square footage when we do a new AC installation at your home or business. Keep a normal humidity level in your home and receive the highest energy savings with a new high-efficiency air conditioner that is sized just right for your home. Why does a larger AC unit cause higher humidity levels?

Air Conditioners That Are Too Large Do Not Dehumidify Effectively

When an air conditioner turns on, it needs to run at least 15-20 minutes to kick into the dehumidification of your indoor air. Larger systems will shut off faster than properly sized air conditioners, leaving most of the humidity still in the air. Your house will feel much cooler, however if it’s a humid, summer day and the AC does not run for a long time, you will be left with greater humidity levels in your home. At Berico Fuels, we will evaluate your home’s insulation, layout, and cooling space before recommending replacement systems. It is important to size the system accurately to provide optimal cooling and humidity control in your home, as well as utility bill savings. If you have an oversized air conditioner condenser unit, not enough air will move across the cooling coil to effectively remove humidity since the large system cools the rooms so quickly. If the air conditioning system could run longer, it would remove more moisture from the air.

Factors to Consider Prior to Replacing a Greensboro Air Conditioner

Size matters with Greensboro air conditioner replacements. However, there are other factors that need to be reviewed and evaluated to determine the best fit for your specific cooling area:

1 – Is there direct sunlight on your home or building? This makes a large difference when comparing systems, since the constant sunshine on your house through windows will warm up your home more than a house in the shade.

2 – Is your business or home drafty or well insulated? With a lot of drafts, indoor temperatures are affected more by the outside air.

3 – How many people live in the home or work in the office building? Heat sources, such as people, will vary the amount of cooling that is needed to reach the optimal temperature.

4 – Are the ceilings low or high, and are there ceiling fans in place? This will determine the size of the blower that is needed to provide the greatest amount of airflow to your home or business.

Save Money and Energy with the Right Sized Air Conditioner

Berico Fuels researches all of the factors that contribute to finding the replacement air conditioner that will fit your home’s needs for optimal cooling and humidity control, prior to making recommendations. We know that HVAC systems need to be accurately sized to reduce heating and cooling repairs, as well as to provide better cost savings. It is important to go with a reputable HVAC company when you need to have a new AC system installed. Contact the expert team at Berico Fuels for all of your heating and cooling service needs:336-273-8663

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