Do Greensboro Air Conditioners Create High Energy Bills?

Greensboro Air ConditionersIn the middle of the summer season, are you afraid to look at your utility bills? Since you are running your Greensboro air conditioner every day in the hot summer months, there may be some reasons why your bill is higher than your neighbor’s energy bill. At Berico Fuels, we can help you find the causes of these higher payments, and help you on the path to cost savings. Here are 5 top reasons you may be paying so much each month for your air conditioning:

Your AC Unit is Older and Not as Efficient

Older cooling systems are not as effective at cooling, and the efficiency is much lower than today’s newer systems. This lower efficiency results in higher energy bills since the HVAC system requires more energy to get to the desired indoor temperature for your home. It may be time for a replacement system, which will be an initial investment that carries excellent cost savings over the years with significantly lower energy bills.

The Cooling System’s Fan is Set on the Thermostat to Constantly Run

If there is a fan setting on your programmable thermostat, it should be set to “Auto” instead of “On” for greater efficiency. If family members are constantly going back and forth with the temperature setting changes on the thermostat, they probably have also moved the fan switch to “on”. Achieve the best performance from your air conditioning unit by setting one main temperature setting for the hours that you are home and a few degrees’ warmer setting for when you are away from the house. Frequent changing of the temperature, even by a few degrees, not only creates an inefficient energy flow but puts more stress on your equipment as it constantly tries to adjust to these frequent changes. Agreeing on the most comfortable indoor temperature for everyone in your household and maintaining that level throughout the summer will help your system run more efficiently.

Your AC Unit is Inefficient as a Result of Skipped Maintenance

Regular annual maintenance is necessary to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. If you skip a year or two, it can result in a heavy collection of dust, dirt and other debris that will cause your system to not work at its best and most effective level. Contact Berico to schedule your HVAC maintenance visit in Greensboro, and we will check parts and connections while providing a complete cleaning.

Duct Blockages and Leaks in Your Cooling System Can Cause Higher Utility Bills

Trying to send air through blocked areas in your ductwork creates more pressure, and your cooling system needs to work harder to circulate the air, therefore using more energy. The quality of your ductwork is important because it provides the outlet to send cooled air throughout your home. When the ducts have holes or leaks, or connections are blocked off, this could result in higher energy bills. Regularly checking the ductwork in your home will help fix these issues before they become costly repairs and help to keep your energy bills down.

Keep Cool Air inside with Good Insulation

Your AC system may be working overtime to not only cool the inside of your home, but also the outside. Properly fitted windows or adding weather stripping around the windows will help the cool air from leaking to the outside and keep the hot air from coming in. Adequate insulation and weather stripping will help keep your HVAC system from running unnecessarily to accommodate the loss of cool air in your home. Keep the nice, cool air inside of your home and let the outside stay warm with added insulation. When you need service for your air conditioner in Greensboro, Burlington or Eden, contact Berico Heating & Air, Alamance Oil and Carolina Fuels at (336) 273-8663.