Could your Air Conditioner be Causing your Cough?

Do you have a persistent cough? It may have started with a cold or allergies, but if you have a chronic cough that has been plaguing you for weeks, it’s not normal. Sometimes a cough is due to poor indoor air quality, which could be directly related to your central air system. If your home has ductwork and air vents, you have a central or forced air system in your home. The air that blows out of your vents is primarily the air that you breathe, and when that air isn’t clean, your health can suffer. Beat the cough once and for all with Reidsville air conditioner repair. 

Indoor Air Quality: The Hidden Health Influencer 

You may not give much thought to the air quality in your home. You may assume that you’re more likely to experience air pollution outside, when the opposite is actually the case. When your home air is compromised it can cause allergy symptoms, chronic respiratory issues, and aggravate asthma. So if you’re suffering from a cough you can’t seem to shake or other ear, nose, and throat issues, your home air is possibly the reason. 

Your Central Air System is the Biggest Factor in Home Air Quality 

Now you’re probably wondering why your home air quality could be bad. Poor air quality is the result of a few different factors, mostly related to your HVAC system. When working properly, your central air system uses filters to keep dust and dirt out of your ducts and indoor unit. When the filters get overly dirty or clogged, dust and other allergens like pollen can get through.  

Another concern is with your furnace, which can release carbon monoxide into your home when not working properly. Furnaces create heat using natural gas, propane, or heating oil. When these fuels are burned, carbon monoxide is created. A properly functioning furnace will vent these fumes out of your home. If there are problems, such as holes or leaks in the ventilation system or other malfunctions that cause your furnace to produce too much CO, it can enter the air in your home. Your CO detector will only alert you if the CO level gets dangerously high. However, even low levels can cause serious health problems. 

Improve Your Health with Reidsville Air Conditioner Maintenance and an Air Purification System 

The most important step you can take in improving your indoor air quality and your health is to schedule biannual HVAC maintenance. Preventative maintenance is a tune-up for your furnace and air conditioner involving cleaning, inspecting, repairing, lubricating, and generally restoring your system to its best condition. This will keep your Reidsville air conditioner running efficiently and blowing cleaner air.  

Want the cleanest indoor air possible? Consider an air purification system. Fitted directly onto your current HVAC system, an air purifier will remove the finest particles from the air before they pass through the vents into your home. State of the art technology not only cleans the air, but creates new clean air molecules.  

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