Does Propane Expire?

gas stove litWhen you go through a long period without needing to use it, it’s easy to have propane sit in a tank on your property for an extended period. At some point, the question of whether or not propane expires, or goes bad in some way, is often asked. The answer to that question, along with some related questions, can be found below.


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A Simple Answer

You shouldn’t have to go digging through this article for the answer to the title question, so here it is – no, propane does not go bad. This is a product that is stable and does not degrade over time, so any propane you have that has been stored properly should be good to use whenever you get around to it. Even if the propane has been around for many years, the gas itself should be perfectly usable and ready to power whatever it is you have in mind.


Not the End of the Story

It would be great if the article could just be ended right there, but life is rarely that simple. The important point to note here is that while the propane gas itself is not going to go bad, the propane tank that it is stored in certainly could. So, if you have a tank full – or partially full – of propane and you haven’t used that tank for an extended period, the concern should be on whether or not the tank is still in good condition and safe to use.


Obviously, using a propane tank that is damaged in some way or is showing signs of age could be a dangerous choice. Instead of putting yourself and others at risk, it’s better to turn to the professionals for help. You can bring in a team like Berico to inspect a large propane tank that serves your property and make sure it is still safe to use. If not, you can discuss replacement options and how to move forward in a safe and affordable manner.


In the case of a small, portable propane tank, it’s again better to play it on the safe side. You can likely swap out the old, degrading tank for a new one, and that way you won’t have any worries about the age and condition of the tank leading to a risky situation.


Trust the Professionals

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