Is It Worth Fixing an Old Air Conditioner?

Having an air conditioner that works properly is the only way to comfortably enjoy the summer season. When your air conditioner is new, it works wonderfully and keeps your home at a nice temperature – but in time, that performance will fade, and the unit will struggle to get the job done as it once did. At some point, you’ll need to confront the difficult choice of whether you should fix your old air conditioner or simply upgrade to a new one. The article below is going to offer some insight into that decision.


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Spotting Signs of Trouble

Before you can think about whether or not it’s worth fixing your old air conditioner, you first need to notice that something is wrong with the existing unit. There are a few signs to watch for on this point, including sluggish performance that leaves the house feeling warmer than you would like, or a unit that just seems to continue to run without ever taking a break. Also, an air conditioner that is making loud or unusual noises could be on the verge of failure, so that’s a warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored, either.


Consider the Age of the Unit

Once you get to a point where your existing AC needs to be repaired, it’s largely the age of the unit that is going to be the determining factor in whether you fix or replace it. If it’s a relatively new air conditioner, fixing it can make sense – especially if the cost of the fix is relatively modest. However, for an older air conditioner, it’s typically going to be better to simply go for a replacement.


So, what counts as an “older” air conditioner? You can use 10 years as a good starting point for that discussion, but there is no clear line in the sand. If your AC is older than 10 years, there is a decent chance that replacing it instead of fixing it will be the smarter move. And, as that age gets closer to 15 or even 20 years, it’s almost certain that replacement is going to be the way to go.


Don’t Make the Decision Alone

To make an informed choice on this matter, you need to work with a qualified professional who can assess the situation and give you their perspective. The choice will be yours to make in the end, of course, but getting direction from the pros is going to allow you to move forward with confidence and know that you are spending your money appropriately.


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