Furnace Maintenance Tips

For most people, the furnace is something in their home that just runs in the background. They don’t think about it very often, and it just comes on when it needs to. That’s fine, but no equipment can keep working forever without getting some professional attention. Keeping up with furnace maintenance is essential to get optimal performance from your system, and the tips in this article should help.


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Tasks Homeowners Can Handle

Despite what you might think, there are some aspects of furnace maintenance that you can handle all on your own without the help of a professional technician. By doing your part, you can keep costs down and help keep your system running as smoothly as possible throughout the winter.


First and foremost, be sure you are keeping up with the important job of changing your air filter regularly. This is easily the most impactful thing you can do on your own for the system, and it’s both easy and affordable. Replacement air filters often cost around $20 or less and switching the old one out for a new one is a simple job. Consider keeping an extra air filter or two on hand in your home so you can always make a change when you notice the old one is getting a bit dirty.


Outside of changing the air filter, the role you play in furnace maintenance should be mostly observational. In other words, you should be paying close attention to the way your system is performing, so you can bring in help if anything seems out of order. Specifically, take note if the furnace starts making any unusual noises, or if it starts to take longer than normal to warm up the home sufficiently.


Jobs for the Professionals

Most of the maintenance that should be performed on your furnace needs to be handled by a licensed, experienced professional. This can include cleaning and inspecting various components, testing the system, performing any repairs that are determined to be required, and more. There are plenty of reasons to avoid trying DIY maintenance (other than changing the air filter) on your furnace –


  • It’s dangerous. If you don’t have the right training, you can put yourself and your family in a dangerous situation if you try to maintain or fix a furnace on your own.


  • Complicated system. You will likely have a lot of difficulty figuring out what to do or where to do it if you want to work on your own furnace.


  • Better value. It might seem like working on your own furnace would be a good way to save money, but that’s not going to be the case in the end. Hiring a professional to get it right the first time is the more cost-effective approach.


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