Greensboro HVAC: Solutions for Strange Noises

Greensboro HVACAre you hearing a constant rattling sound in your home? Does the sound seem to be in your walls or coming from your furnace or air conditioner? At Berico Fuels, we have some solutions for the sounds that you are experiencing. As a knowledgeable Greensboro HVAC company, we know how to locate and fix these types of problems quickly. Typical sounds are hisses, clanking or rattling noises. When a rattling sound is heard, there are two possibilities for where the sound is originating from, as explained by

“If it originates from the outdoor unit, chances are you have some kind of debris in the system, such as a twig. Turn your system off and cut the power to the unit, then remove the debris. If you see visible damage to the condenser coils, compressor, or fan, call your HVAC technician.

If the rattling seems to be internal, from a furnace or other internal component, turn the system off and call your HVAC technician since removing the obstacle isn’t as simple.”

So, it is best to determine if the sound is in the outdoor unit or inside of your home. With a comprehensive Greensboro furnace tune-up, we can identify potential problems and keep your system clean and efficient, avoiding future repairs. A trained technician from Berico Fuels will perform a complete system evaluation and provide a tune up for better performance. If you hear a hissing sound within your walls or around the air filter, we can help you quickly fix this problem:

“If the noise is coming from the walls, there’s a good chance your ducts are leaking.

However, if the hissing is light, it could originate from your air vents. Typically when you hear this noise it is because your filter is not “set” right or you have the wrong size filter which is creating the gap in the seal. This is a simple fix that starts with ensuring the filter is the right size and is placed correctly, leaving no room for gaps.”

The air filter size or adjustment is a do-it-yourself repair that is not costly or time consuming. However, if the hissing sound is inside of your walls, it may indicate that a major duct leak is present, requiring a more thorough repair by a certified technician. Call Berico Fuels if you suspect that you have a major air duct leak, and we will provide a thorough repair and restore restore energy efficiency in your home. The other sound that may occur is a clanking sound, which usually originates from faulty or loose parts in your HVAC system:

“It could be loose parts, such as the blower motor fan, loose blades, or loose pipes that are rubbing together. Clanking noises are a bit more serious because loose parts, if not addressed, can cause costly damage to your system. Your best bet is to turn the system off and call your technician.”

Have your furnace and air conditioner regularly maintained by a reputable Greensboro HVAC company to keep your system running at optimal capacity. Minimize repair costs and save money on your energy bills with regular HVAC maintenance from Berico Fuels. For excellent service and quality, contact us at 336-313-0466.

(Source: Common HVAC Noises and What They Mean,, Nov. 6, 2014)