Air Conditioner Advancements in Burlington = Cleaner Air

Air Conditioners in BurlingtonSince the first air conditioner was invented in 1902, technological advancements have made air conditioners in Burlington more efficient. This greater efficiency leads to cleaner air because of the increased ability to reduce humidity in homes and businesses due to stronger fan blowers to circulate the air., an engineering publication, commented on the variety of scientific and engineering improvements that have been made over the years to create the complex HVAC unit that we use today:

“These comfort units that homeowners activate with the ease of flipping a switch are complex electromechanical systems, the end products of nearly a century of engineering development in cooling, thermodynamics, controls, and energy efficiency. In 2000, air conditioning/refrigeration was named among the 10 greatest mechanical engineering achievements of the 20th century, according to a survey of ASME members.”

With the majority of Americans using air conditioning today, quality service and installations are consistently needed to maintain systems. At Alamance Oil, we provide cooling maintenance in Burlington so your air conditioner will be ready for the hot months of the summer. Programmable thermostats are available in a variety of configurations, allowing homeowners to increase energy efficiency in their homes and lower utility bills by adjusting the temperatures to accommodate their specific needs. The use of these sophisticated thermostats, the cleaner indoor environment, and the added safety measures are all a result of the engineering and technology developments that have shaped the AC system into what it is today.

New Controls on Air Conditioners in Burlington Create Greater Energy Savings

If you are not using your programmable digital thermostat in your home to program temperatures for specific time periods, you are missing out on an opportunity to save some serious money. At Alamance Oil, we can offer recommendations on how to program your thermostat to the best settings for energy savings. These suggestions include setting your temperature differently for when you are traveling or away from your home and keeping the temperatures slightly warmer during the summer months or when you are asleep. The U.S. government now requires that air conditioners in Burlington meet the seasonal energy efficiency ratings (SEER) that have increased to meet energy standards:

“Energy efficiency standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy are driving improvements in air-conditioning systems. “Minimum efficiency standards for a/c systems have progressively increased, particularly in the last five years, requiring manufacturers to optimize systems to reduce energy consumption,” says Dennis Thoren, vice president of engineering and technology at Ingersoll Rand, Davidson, NC, which markets the popular Trane line of air conditioners.”

The increased automation with easier to use controls have made a significant impact on the amount of energy that is used when running your AC unit. Manufacturer recommended cooling maintenance in Burlington results in more energy savings for you. Air conditioners that are cleaned and regularly inspected can last longer and provide healthier, comfortable cooling for your home and family.

A Cleaner Indoor Environment is the Result of Modern Air Conditioners

Harmful chemicals, such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), were used in refrigeration fluids until it was discovered that they cause damage to the ozone layer. Hydrochlorofluorocarbons or HCFCs are now used in modern air conditioners which are better for the environment indoors and outdoors. Refrigerants are necessary to produce cooler air in your home, and with the newer technology and controls, your AC system provides healthier and cleaner indoor air. At Alamance Oil, our knowledgeable service team provides helpful information when you are researching for a replacement air conditioning system in Burlington. We will analyze your budget, space requirements and layout to recommend a range of AC units that will meet your needs.

Safer Cooling is the New Mainstream

Sophisticated sensors are in place to add safety measures to your air conditioner in Burlington. Carbon monoxide alarms will go off if there are problems and additional humidity level and temperature sensors make sure the system is running at peak capacity. At Alamance Oil, our advanced diagnostic tools allow us to monitor your system and sensors for safety and effectiveness during annual maintenance visits. Our trained technicians will find leaks or any other equipment issues and repair them quickly and efficiently to restore your air conditioner to full safety and comfort. For reliable ac repair, contact Alamance Oil today at 336-226-9371.

(Source: Global Cooling: The History of Air Conditioning,, June 2011)