How Do I Install a New Propane Tank?

Propane is an excellent fuel to run a variety of systems in your home or business. Thanks to its outstanding safety record, impressive efficiency, and market rate, there is a lot to love about using propane. Of course, you will need a propane tank to make this work, and if you don’t have one currently – or if you have an old one that has seen better days, having a new tank installed is the first step. This article will take a closer look at this process.


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It’s a Professional Job

The first thing to know about installing a new propane tank on your property is that this is a job for professionals. There are many great DIY projects that homeowners can tackle in and around their homes, but installing a propane tank is not one of them. It’s true that propane has an excellent safety history, but it is still necessary to have this kind of work done by trained experts who know how to complete the job according to all relevant rules and regulations.


A Few Important Steps

When you bring in a team like the experts at Berico to do this project on your property, there are a few different steps that will need to be completed. Before the work can begin at all, it will need to be determined what size propane tank is going to be suitable for the needs of the home or business. With that sorted out, the site where the tank will be installed can be selected and prepared. This is a collaborative effort with the desires of the homeowner considered and weighed against the practical requirements of the tank’s placement. Some tanks will be installed above ground, while others will be installed underneath the surface.


With all of the important decisions made, the installation team can do the work of placing the tank in the selected spot, running all of the necessary lines, adding a monitor to the tank, and hooking it all up. From there, it will be thoroughly tested to make sure everything is functioning as it should and no issues need to be addressed. Once complete, a quality propane tank that has been installed correctly is something that can serve your home or business well for many years to come.


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