How Do I Know If My AC Unit is Low on Refrigerant?

In order for an air conditioning unit to deliver the kind of cool air you have come to expect, it needs to have a sufficient level of refrigerant. While this usually isn’t a problem, some issues can come up that will result in the unit being low on refrigerant. Knowing what to watch for can help you spot signs of trouble promptly so you can call in the professionals to take care of the matter.


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Not the Right Temperature

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your AC unit is lacking refrigerant is that the air coming out of your ducts is not as cold as it should be. This is the easiest one to notice, of course, as you’ll be waiting for relief from the heat, but that relief just won’t come – or it will take a very long time to arrive. The refrigerant in the system is supposed to pull heat out of the indoor air and dump it outside. Without enough refrigerant, that doesn’t happen, and the inside of your home or office will remain warmer than you would like.


Frequent Short Cycles

You can also pay attention to how often your air conditioner is coming on and off throughout the day. If it is regularly turning on only to turn off again shortly thereafter, you are dealing with a short-cycling problem that could stem from low refrigerant levels. This is something you’ll need to take care of right away, as it can wear down your system and send your energy bills through the roof. A properly functioning air conditioner will run for a rather long time before it shuts off, and then it will stay off for a while. If the cycles seem to be getting shorter and more frequent, it’s time to call in the pros for help.


An Accumulation of Ice

One of the surprising things about owning an air conditioning system is seeing ice build up on the outdoor unit in the middle of a hot summer day. This is an obvious indication that something is wrong, so don’t ignore this warning sign. When ice builds up on the coil, there is likely a refrigerant level problem that needs to be addressed quickly. Turn off the system when you see signs of this problem and make an appointment for the system to be serviced right away. Continuing to run the system while it is freezing up could do more damage or could even be dangerous.


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