How Environmentally Friendly is Propane?

Carolina FuelsWith such a sharp focus on the environment in recent years, more and more people are thinking about how their daily actions impact the earth as a whole. If you count yourself among those who want to make sure you are making sound decisions, you might be reviewing the types of energy you use to warm your home or power your vehicles. With that in mind, this article is going to turn the focus toward propane to see how it stacks up.


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A Great Fuel Choice

To get right to the point – propane is a great pick for people who are concerned about the impact they are going to have on the environment. One of the primary factors you need to consider here is how much carbon dioxide a fuel emits as it is burned. Some fuel sources that are commonly used emit a high level of carbon dioxide, and as a result, may have a significantly negative impact on the environment.


That is not the case with propane. Yes, there is some carbon dioxide emitted, but it is not a significant volume as compared to many alternative fuels. So, if you are heating your house with propane, for example, you can feel good about that choice and know that you aren’t harming the climate unnecessarily while keeping your home comfortable.


Another Important Factor

Beyond the carbon dioxide emissions of burning a given fuel, there is also the risk of fuel spills to take into account. A major oil spill in an ocean, for example, can do extensive and long-lasting damage to animals and plant life. This is another area where propane rates well. Not only is it safer overall to move propane from one place to another, but any spill that does occur will be less harmful to the environment.


If propane is spilled, it will quickly turn to vapor and dissipate into the air. You’ll always want to be careful and practice good safety measures when dealing with any kind of gas, but the environmental outcomes associated with a propane spill are unlikely to be significant.


So Much More to Love

It’s been established that propane is a gas you can feel good about using for your energy needs. That covers things from an environmental perspective, but there are other factors to weigh such as cost, performance, and convenience. Propane continues to check out nicely in those areas, as well, which is why it has been such a popular and trusted option for many years. If you would like to consider setting up an ongoing propane delivery arrangement with Berico, get in touch today to learn more.