Propane Delivery in Eden, NC is Convenient and Reliable

Propane Delivery in EdenWhen choosing a propane supplier, you want the right partner. For propane delivery in Eden, NC, consider the advantages of a local all-inclusive home comfort company. Carolina Fuels can deliver your propane, repair your heat and air conditioning, install new HVAC systems, and perform regular maintenance on your system. One reliable company that makes it more convenient for you to deal with and can meet all your heating and cooling needs.

Free to Switch Propane Suppliers

If you already have a propane supplier, switching to Carolina Fuels is free and easy. Carolina Fuels will swap your old tank for a new one at no charge when you sign up for propane delivery. When you sign up for a service plan you also receive a discount on propane. Service plans include maintenance on your heat and air conditioning as well, keeping your system running smoothly all year long.

Long Term Savings on Home Heating Costs

When compared to other propane suppliers, customers of Carolina Fuels save an average of $150 a year. A local propane supplier is more affordable and offers better customer service than a large nationwide supplier. And Carolina Fuels not only delivers propane, but offers service as well, saving you money on repairs and maintenance.

Additional Savings

Carolina Fuels offers referral credits. When you recommend Carolina Fuels to someone else, you receive credit toward your delivery and service when they sign up.

New to Propane Heat for Your Home

If you are not currently using propane, there are definite benefits to switching. If your home is equipped with a heat pump, switching to a propane furnace will give your home a warmer, longer lasting heat in colder weather. Heat pumps do a better job of cooling than heating. People using heat pumps often find that their home doesn’t feel warm enough when the temperature drops. Propane heat makes your home warm and cozy in even the coldest temperatures. Since heat pumps use electricity, switching to propane lowers your electric bill.

Efficiency of Propane as a Heating Fuel

Propane is already an efficient energy source, but there are ways to make it even more efficient. Make sure your home is well insulated and sealed, especially around windows and doors. Consider using propane for your water heater too and use an insulating blanket around it. Propane is a very affordable heat source when used efficiently.

Propane Delivery for Eden, NC

Carolina Fuels has been providing folks with propane delivery in Eden, NC and the surrounding area since 1924. Switching to Carolina Fuels for propane delivery is free and easy. Visit to sign up for a free estimate or a propane delivery plan.

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