How Much Does HVAC Replacement Cost?

It’s the homeowner’s biggest fear: HVAC replacement. Whether your system unexpectedly quit on a hot summer day or your latest inspection by your HVAC technician did not bring good news, the most common question is always about HVAC cost.

What is the average cost of HVAC replacement in Greensboro, NC? Here’s what you can expect as you start gathering estimates.


Average Cost of HVAC Replacement 

Although the cost of HVAC systems vary between manufacturers and models, here’s the average HVAC cost range.


  • Full System: $7,000-$17,000. This is the typical price range for a complete system replacement including both the air conditioning system and the furnace, but of course larger homes and other factors can add to this.  It is more cost effective to install a full system at the same time rather than splitting up installations of your Air Conditioner and Furnace.
  • Air Conditioner Unit: $4000-$8,000. This price range is for the air conditioning system alone. Air conditioners typically don’t last as long as furnaces.
  • Furnace: $4,000-$7,000. This is the price range for a furnace replacement. A furnace will typically cost less than the air conditioning portion of your system and will most likely last longer.


Additional Factors That Affect the Cost of HVAC Replacement

Here are some factors that may add to the overall cost of your new system:


  • New installation vs replacement. A brand new HVAC system when there was not an existing system will cost more than replacing an old one. This is because additional equipment will be required, such as ductwork and vents.
  • Labor costs. In addition to the retail price of your new system, labor costs for installation will be factored into the total cost.
  • Disposal of old unit. There will be a cost for disposing of your old HVAC unit that will be factored into the overall cost of replacement.
  • Adding square footage. If you have added any new spaces in your home to be heated or cooled, that extra square footage will add to the cost of your installation as you may need a larger system and additional equipment.
  • Special features. Special features such as a smart thermostat can increase the overall cost of your HVAC replacement.


Do I Need to Replace Both My AC and Furnace Together?

Whether or not you should replace both the heating and cooling parts of your HVAC system at the same time depends on a variety of factors.

If your whole system is old, such as more than 15 or 20 years, it would be in your best interest to replace the entire system. Newer systems are so much more efficient, you would save energy and money.

Another consideration is the cost of labor and installation. If you replace just your air conditioner now and then your furnace needs to be replaced a few years later, you could have paid less in labor costs for having them both installed at once.


Compatibility is another matter. When you replace just one part of your HVAC system it is important that the new system is compatible with the old system. Equipment such as blowers and ductwork is shared between your AC and heat in a forced air system. Your technician can recommend a system that will be compatible.


Berico Provides HVAC Replacement in Greensboro, NC 

If you need to replace your HVAC system or you’re not sure of its current condition, Berico can provide you with an inspection and estimate. Call 336-273-8663 or schedule service today.