How often is HVAC repair necessary?

Heating and cooling experts recommend having your HVAC system serviced twice a year, once in the fall for your furnace and once in the spring for your air conditioner. You may have more success with scheduling if you aim for late summer and late winter when technicians are less busy.


Can you save money with HVAC replacement?

Replacing an old HVAC system with a new, energy efficient system can save you money in a variety of ways. Your energy bills will be lower, and you’ll spend less on repairs with a new system.


Do I need to replace my air conditioner if it uses R-22 refrigerant? 

Refrigerant is the substance inside of your air conditioner that absorbs heat and creates cool air. Older systems used R-22 refrigerant, but it has been phased out of production. If your system uses R-22 refrigerant it would be a good idea to replace it since all HVAC contractors are now working on a limited and very expensive supply.


How often should you replace your HVAC filters?

At the very least you should replace the filters in your intake vents every 6 months. For better results replace them every 3 months. Filters prevent dirt, dust, and debris from getting into your HVAC system and reducing its efficiency.


What does SEER mean?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is the measurement of how efficient an air conditioner is. A SEER of 14-16 is considered high efficiency and anything above that is even more efficient.


How does a heat pump work?

You may have heard that a heat pump is an efficient type of HVAC system. It works by transferring heat from one place to another. When it is cold outside, a heat pump pulls heat from the air, bringing it inside to heat your home. When it is warm outside, a heat pump gathers the heat from inside your home and transfers it outside. It is still a forced air system with vents that distribute air throughout your home.


Is duct cleaning necessary?

Air travels from your HVAC system throughout your home through the ducts. Over time dust and debris can get into the ducts and mold can form. It is good to have your ductwork cleaned yearly to keep your HVAC system clean and improve the air quality in your home.


Does your HVAC system control the air quality in your home? 

A typical HVAC system with regular filters controls humidity and removes some particles from the air. But to make a noticeable improvement in your indoor air quality it helps to use high efficiency filters that are capable of removing more particles from the air. An air purification system is even more effective, killing pathogens and producing clean air.


What’s the ideal temperature to set your thermostat to? 

If your goal is to save energy, the ideal temperature for your thermostat is 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Using fans and wearing warmer clothes can help these temperatures feel more comfortable.


What are the warning signs that my HVAC system needs to be replaced?

There are a few warning signs that indicate the need for HVAC replacement:


  • Frequent repairs.
  • Rising energy bills.
  • Excessive noise.
  • Tripping circuit breakers.
  • Uneven temperatures throughout your home.


If you notice any of the above, your HVAC system may be on its last legs. Consider having it inspected to determine if replacement is necessary.


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