HVAC Energy-Saving Tips: Strategies to Lower Your Utility Bills in Burlington

adjusting thermostat in your homeOperating the HVAC system in your home can get expensive. Whether you are cooling it off in the summer or warming it up in the winter, there is a cost associated with achieving comfortable temperatures. While those costs can’t be totally eliminated, they can be reduced by utilizing some helpful strategies. This article will offer a few tips that should help you bring down your utility bills in the months ahead.


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Manage Your Thermostat Settings

With the ability to dial in your thermostat to exactly the temperature you’d like the house to be, it’s easy to get carried away. If you just set the thermostat to an ideal number without considering the conditions outside, you’ll wind up with an HVAC system that is running constantly and utility bills that are higher than you’d like.


You should always consider the conditions outside when setting your thermostat. For example, if the high on a summer day is set to reach 102*, don’t set your air conditioner to 68* and require it to keep up. The system will need to run almost constantly to maintain such a cool indoor temperature on an extremely hot day, but most importantly you’ll use up a ton of energy. The same line of thinking applies to keeping your house very warm on a frigid winter day. Modify your expectations during extreme weather to keep the house livable without sending your utility bills through the roof.


Keep Changing the Filter

This is one of the classic pieces of HVAC advice, and it’s as true now as it’s always been. A clean air filter will allow air to flow freely through the system, and as a result, the system is going to run more efficiently. In addition to potential utility bill savings, you should also find that you get better performance from your HVAC system as a whole, so your rooms will remain more comfortable throughout the day.


Routine Maintenance

Changing out the air filter is something that you can probably handle on your own, but other maintenance tasks should be left to the professionals. Have your system maintained on a routine basis to make sure all of the components are clean and no problems are developing. Working with Berico will make this process easy and affordable.


Avoid Silly Mistakes

One last thing to remember is that you don’t want to force your system to work any harder than it needs to day after day. So, when it’s hot outside and your air conditioner is running, don’t leave a window open and invite even more hot air into the house. Likewise, if it’s going to be chilly overnight but then hot in the afternoon, don’t have your thermostat set in a way that is going to cause the heat to come on in the morning before the AC kicks on later. That would just be using energy to warm up a house that you are going to immediately need to cool back down.


The Right Partner

For Burlington AC replacement, repair, and everything in between, Berico should be your chosen partner. With nearly a century of experience and a history of great customer satisfaction, you’ll love what Berico delivers. Get started today!