HVAC Terminology

If you have ever talked with a technician in the HVAC industry, it can seem like they are speaking an entirely different language. Like most fields, there are plenty of terms and expressions used in HVAC that might not be recognized by the general public. To help you understand what is being said, this quick glossary will highlight some of the main HVAC terms.


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Air Handler

A central air system or heat pump always needs a way to distribute the air that it warms or cools around the house, and that is the job of the air handler. If your system seems to be struggling to move air through the ducts, a problem with the air handler may be to blame.


Indoor Coil

This is the part of an AC system or heat pump that lives inside the building and is where the air moving through the ducts is actually heated or cooled. The coil will be warmer or cooler than the air being moved, depending on which system is running, and some of that energy will be transferred to the air.


Outdoor Coil

As the name suggests, this part lives outside and is the most noticeable component of your air conditioning system or heat pump. When running in AC mode, the outdoor coil dumps heat energy from inside to outside. Alternatively, when in heating mode, the outdoor coil can gather up heat energy from the outdoors for use inside.


Energy Efficiency Ratio

This ratio is an easy way to demonstrate how efficiently a system is able to turn energy into cooling power. The math is done by dividing the BTUs per hour offered by the unit by the overall input in watts. That equation leaves the system with a rating that is BTUs per hour per watt.


British Thermal Unit

Almost always referred to simply as a BTU, this is a unit of measure that is defined by the amount of heat needed to elevate a pound of water by a single degree Fahrenheit. When looking at HVAC equipment, capacity is often measured in BTUs, with a higher number indicating a more powerful unit or system.


I.A.Q. or iWave System

I.A.Q., or indoor air quality, is extremely important.  The iWave System is an excellent way to cut down on indoor pollution and is one of the I.A.Q solutions offered by Berico. That pollution can come from pet dander, dust, and many other factors. The installation of iWave is quick and easy, and once installed, it can cut down on allergens while making the air smell better at the same time.


Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a modern piece of equipment that is able to intelligently manage the operation of an HVAC system. Using a smart thermostat may allow you to control the system from your phone, establish detailed schedules to make sure you are using your HVAC efficiently, and much more.


While the glossary above should help, you still don’t need to be an expert in HVAC repair to have your system running at optimum efficiency. For that, all you need to do is call Berico and the talented and experienced team will jump into action. Call now to learn more or to get started.