Is Propane a Natural Gas?

Carolina FuelsDespite being used regularly by millions of people, there remains a lot of confusion about propane and natural gas. Are they the same thing? If not, how are they different? You don’t need to be an expert on this topic as an average consumer, but it does help to understand the basics and know what you are ordering.


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Getting Your Fuels Straight

The answer to the title question in this article of whether or not propane is a natural gas is somewhat a matter of semantics. Is propane a natural gas? Yes – it is a natural source of fuel that is harvested from the earth. Is it what people are referring to when they talk about “natural gas”? No – well, not exactly.


Natural gas, as the term is usually used, refers to a fuel that is naturally occurring and is pulled out of the earth via drilling. When it is harvested, it includes a makeup of four different types of gases – methane, ethane, butane, and propane. It is methane that is the primary component, but all four are present. So, when you are using natural gas as a heating source, for instance, what you are using is a blend of those four gases (along with the added crude oil).


Using Propane Alone

Obviously, when you are using propane, you are using just one of those four gases that are found in the natural gas compound. While both can work for a variety of purposes, Berico is proud to deliver propane to many customers due to the many performance advantages it delivers. For one thing, propane is able to deliver higher temperatures than natural gas, which can be beneficial in some uses. Also, many different types of appliances can be run on propane, making it a versatile and practical choice.


Pricing Can Be Complicated

Don’t fall into the trap of comparing natural gas directly to propane in terms of cost without factoring in some other considerations. If you just look at the per-unit pricing, you are almost certainly going to find that propane is more expensive than natural gas. But that’s not the end of the story. Propane has a significantly higher BTU rating than natural gas, so you’ll need to use less of it to get more done. In other words, the value that you get for your money might wind up being better with propane than natural gas, and even if not, it’s going to be very close.


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