How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill with a Programmable Thermostat

Advanced technologies are becoming more and more prevalent in homes, and programmable thermostats certainly fit into that category. Often, programmable thermostats are promoted as a convenience, and while that’s one benefit they deliver, there is also the potential savings on your energy bill to consider. After all, if you can cut down on your energy bill, the cost of buying the thermostat will seem like a wise investment.


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Optimize Your HVAC Thermostat Settings

The first thing you’ll want to do with your new programmable thermostat – such as the Honeywell Pro 8000 – is to optimize the settings that control how the system runs and when it heats and cools your house. Some of this is common sense, but the basics are highlighted in the points below –



  • Only when you are home. If you are gone at work all day, it doesn’t make much sense to keep the home at a comfortable temperature while no one is inside. So, you might set your thermostat to either turn the system off during the day Monday – Friday, or you could set it for a more moderate temperature. As an example, you might cool the house to 72* in the summer when you are home, but that could be bumped up to 76* during the day so the system doesn’t have to work so hard.


  • Think about sleep. In the summer, you’ll likely want to use your thermostat to keep the house cool enough to sleep comfortably all night long. But what about the winter? Even if it’s cold outside, you can probably add an extra blanket to your bed and not need to keep the heat up so high. This is another easy way to save energy by using your thermostat correctly.


  • Changes for vacation. While you can get into a pattern of settings for normal day-to-day life, remember to make changes to those settings when you are gone for a while. The touchscreen on the Honeywell Pro 8000 makes those changes quick and easy.


It’s All About Efficiency

If you want to bring your energy bill down, the number one goal is to make your system more efficient. That starts by managing your thermostat settings correctly to minimize waste and make sure the system is serving your needs to the greatest possible extent. From there, you can take other measures to save on energy usage, including changing your air filter regularly and having Berico come out for routine periodic maintenance to keep everything running the way it should. Building good habits all the way around, including in how you manage your thermostat, will help you write a smaller check to the utility company each month.