Is Propane Bad for the Environment?

With any type of fuel you burn, it’s important to think about the impact that the fuel is going to have on the environment. This is true when you choose a vehicle that you are going to drive, and it’s also true when selecting a furnace that will keep your house warm. If you have chosen a propane furnace, or are thinking about doing so, you might be wondering about the impact that you’ll be having on the environment. The content below will help set the record straight.


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A Lot to Love About Propane

In a world where it seems that so many of the things we are used to using have a negative impact on the environment, it’s nice to get some positive news for a change. That’s the case with propane, as it burns clean and is generally considered to be safe for the environment. If you opt for a propane furnace in your home, or if you already have one and are thinking about switching for environmental reasons, you can put your concerns to rest – propane is a good choice.


When propane is burned for energy to create heat in your home, it does not produce the same kinds of air pollutants as some other fuel options. Therefore, it has been tabbed as a low-emission fuel by the government, and opting for propane over other choices is a great move for someone who is environmentally minded.


An Excellent Safety Record

Like any gas, there is some inherent risk when using propane – but it is extremely low. This is a safe product to work with and use in your home, especially if you partner with a professional team like that at Berico to make sure you receive safe deliveries and confirm that your equipment is in good condition. Safety should always be near the top of your priority list, along with environmental concerns, and propane checks out nicely on both of those points.


Even a Spill Isn’t Too Damaging

Fuel spills can be disastrous for the local environment and the plant and animal life that inhabit the area of a spill. Not all fuels are created equal, however, and a propane spill will actually have minimal impact on the area where it occurs. Spilled propane will quickly vaporize and won’t linger in the groundwater or anywhere else it could do damage. Of course, a spill is quite unlikely anyway when propane is handled properly, but even if that event did happen, your use of propane would still not be putting the environment at risk.


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