Is Propane Really Clean Burning?

One of the benefits of using propane that you will often hear repeated is that it is a clean-burning fuel. But is that really true? It’s one thing for a piece of information to be repeated often – it’s another thing for that point to be proven correct. This article will be examining whether propane is actually a clean burning fuel and if you should consider using it for your energy needs.


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A Deserved Reputation

You have heard that propane is a clean-burning fuel because it is just that – burning propane is considered to be an excellent alternative to other fuels that produce pollutants as part of the ignition process. When you burn propane, you’ll have your energy needs met without some of the harmful side effects that can come along with other fuels.


Also, beyond the clean-burning nature of the fuel, it’s also safer to work with in terms of spills. While you never want to intentionally spill fuel, of course, no damage will be done to the environment if a spill does occur. You can feel good about using propane heat in your home because of both the way the fuel burns clean and because of the performance it offers.


Many Other Reasons to Choose Propane

You might be motivated at first to choose propane because of its clean-burning nature, but that’s actually just one of many motivations to pick this form of fuel. Some of the other advantages of propane include:


  • Storage tank. For convenience, and perhaps cost savings, you can have a large propane tank installed on your property that you can use to heat your home for an extended period. Propane tanks can even be buried underground, so you can have a large tank on your property without having it take up space or even be visible.


  • Save money. While energy prices will vary from time to time and place to place, you might find that you spend less overall to heat your home with propane than you would have to spend for an energy source like electricity. This is particularly true if you partner with a company like Berico that will offer meaningful discounts for recurring propane deliveries.


  • Lasting performance. Using propane HVAC equipment will often lead to a longer lifespan than what you would get from other types of equipment. That’s yet another way to save money, as you might be able to move the replacement of your HVAC equipment out further into the future.


  • Use for other purposes. You don’t have to just run a furnace on the propane that you are having delivered to your property – you can choose to run other appliances, such water heater, dryer, gas stove, gas logs, in your home on this same power source to make things convenient and more affordable.


By burning clean and offering a long list of performance advantages, propane makes itself an excellent pick for countless homeowners. Reach out to Berico today to find out about using propane in your home.