Make Sure Your AC is Ready for Summer Now

adjusting thermostat in your homeWhen is the right time to find out if your AC is ready for summer? On the first hot day when you need to turn it on? No! Not unless you like unpleasant, expensive surprises. The time to make sure your air conditioner is in good working order to handle a long, hot summer is right now, before it gets hot outside. It’s time to schedule AC maintenance in Greensboro to make sure your system is ready to go.

When is the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance in Greensboro?

It’s wise to schedule maintenance in either late winter or early spring, before the weather gets hot and the busy season starts for HVAC companies. If you make your appointment early you’ll have an easier time getting a time that is convenient for you. Once the weather gets hot and everyone starts turning on their air conditioners only to discover that they aren’t working properly or at all, the HVAC technicians will be busy with emergency repairs and you may be waiting a while for your service appointment.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Need Maintenance Every Year?

After a hot summer where your AC worked hard to keep your home cool, it may have experienced a little normal wear and tear. Dirt and dust tends to settle on the evaporator coil, condensation drains get clogged, and your outdoor unit may have collected some debris during the winter while sitting dormant, among other things. These things can all lower the efficiency of your system at the very least, and cause a complete system malfunction in extreme cases. It’s important to have your AC inspected, cleaned, and repaired every year.

Avoid After Hours and Emergency Fees

Do you prefer to pay more or less for HVAC repair? Of course you would rather pay less, and the best way to do that is to schedule preventive maintenance, meaning having repairs done before there is a problem. When your technician inspects your system, any loose or worn out parts will be identified so that they can be tightened, repaired, or replaced. If you don’t know you have a part that is ready to give out, it will choose to break at the most inopportune time, such as during the night or on the weekend. If you have to call a technician out to your home after normal business hours you will likely be charged a higher fee.

Get a Comfort and Protection Service Plan from Berico

Make AC maintenance in Greensboro effortless with a Comfort and Protection Service Plan from Berico. The plan includes two maintenance appointments per year and can also include fuel delivery if you need propane or heating oil. Berico will call you when it’s time to schedule maintenance so you don’t have to worry about remembering to make an appointment. You also enjoy the added perks of priority service, waived after hours and emergency fees, a 20% discount on diagnostics and repairs, and credits toward new equipment.

Call (336) 273-8663 today to schedule service and get started on a Comfort and Protection Service Plan.