Optimizing Indoor Air Quality for the Health of Your Family

When the air quality outside degrades, it’s usually a story that lands on the news. But what about indoor air quality? This is a topic that most people ignore, yet it’s extremely important for your health and the health of your family as a whole. This article will look at some of the steps you can take to optimize indoor air quality in your house.


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Use the Right Equipment

In addition to cleaning, it’s also helpful to partner with an experienced team like Berico that can help you deploy the right equipment to clean the air using high-tech solutions. Some of those solutions include tools like iWave and Phenomenal Aire, both of which are air purifiers that can be installed in your ducts. With one of these devices in place, the air will be cleaned as it runs through the system, including cutting down on pathogens, allergens, and particles. Given the relative modest cost of these devices and the long-term benefits they can provide, this option is an easy choice.


Change Your Air Filter

Getting back to fundamentals that you can control without any help, changing out your air filter in your HVAC system regularly also plays a big role in air quality maintenance. A fresh air filter will do a better job of cleaning out the air that goes into the system, while also allowing the system to work more efficiently at the same time.


Add Some Indoor Plants

Nature has an incredible ability to clean out the air in your home. By bringing in some plants to parts of your home, you’ll add the natural air-purifying power of those plants, and you will also enjoy the beauty they bring to the space. Even just a few plants can go a long way toward making the air feel and smell fresher in the home, especially when paired with some of the other tips on this page.


This Small Detail Can Help

One point to make about indoor air quality isn’t necessarily one that you want to hear – but it’s true. Maintaining a clean house is one of the best things you can do to improve your air quality day after day. When the surfaces in your house are clean, and dust is minimized, the air that gets circulated through the house will be cleaner, as well. So, one tip is to stay ahead of cleaning tasks like dusting and vacuuming and your air quality will thank you.


The heating and air system in your house has a lot to do with the air quality you will experience. Don’t take this important point for granted any longer, as each day you spend with poor indoor air quality is another day that can take a toll on your health. Berico is ready to serve you!