Propane-Powered Generators: Your Backup Plan for Power Outages

A power outage can suddenly bring your normal, day-to-day life to a halt. The many different systems in your home that you rely on for basic functions will stop when the power goes down, which is a relatively common occurrence during the stormy time of year. If you’d like to avoid the inconvenience of a power outage, consider adding a propane generator to your property to have a backup supply of energy on hand when the main power grid is unavailable.


This article will look at why having a generator is so useful and what working with a good propane supplier can do to make sure you always have fuel when you need it. To learn more, get in touch with Berico as soon as possible to have your questions answered and to explore the generator options they have available.


The Benefits of Having a Generator

To be honest, it’s easy to take the modern convenience of a power grid for granted. When you flip a switch, the lights come on – and that’s to say nothing of the many other functions that are always running in your home without you even having to think twice about those systems.


Of course, when the power goes out, all of that comes to a stop and life changes dramatically in the short term. Unless you have a generator, that is. With a generator, you’ll enjoy countless benefits, including the following –


  • Save food. One of the first things that is likely to happen when the power goes out in your home is that the food supply you have on hand will quickly start to spoil. Sure, you can take measures like filling up some ice chests with ice to hold your food and preserve it a little longer, but that’s a hassle and will only work for so long. With a generator, you can keep your fridge running and keep your supply of food safe for as long as necessary.


  • Stay comfortable. There is no guarantee that the temperature outside is going to be in a comfortable range when the power goes out. For example, if a winter storm takes out the power, the nights to come could be very cold. Of course, that won’t be the case with a generator, as you’ll be able to keep heating – or cooling – the space until you get back to normal conditions with access to a functional power grid.


  • Keep loved ones safe. People with certain health conditions might require ongoing power to operate equipment that keeps them healthy and safe. If someone in your home has this kind of situation in their life, having a generator provides tremendous peace of mind. You won’t have to scramble for a solution if the power cuts out when you can make your own power for as long as is needed.


  • Remain connected. Everyone is used to being connected in this day and age, but the devices that keep you connected all need power of their own. Again here, this is another way in which having a generator can help you, as you’ll have plenty of power to keep every device in the house charged up and ready to go.


  • If you are on “city water” you will continue to have water pressure in your home, but if you are one of the millions of NC residents that rely on well water, if the power goes out, so does your well pump and you will have zero water pressure in your system. Something as simple as flushing a toilet is no longer possible.


Why Go with Propane?

So, if you are sold on the idea of having a generator on your property, why opt for propane? There are plenty of other options on the market, after all, including those that are powered by gasoline. With that said, propane generators offer some nice advantages that you will enjoy having on your side.


Since propane is a clean burning fuel, you should be able to get a long useful life out of your generator. Given the significant upfront cost of a generator, it’s nice to know that your choice of propane will help you maximize the return you get on this investment. Additionally, still on the point of propane burning clean, you can also rest assured that you are using a fuel that is kind to the environment and is not doing any undue harm to the area around your home.


There is also great value to be found in propane. You won’t be buying an unnecessarily expensive fuel to keep your generator powered up and ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice. Not only is the purchase price of propane reasonable, but it also lasts a long time. That’s a big deal, as you could go for an extended period without having the generator jump into action. Even if the generator sits idle for a long time, the propane will still be ready to do its job when the time comes.


A Long-Term Solution

Some people balk at the upfront cost of installing a generator and decide that it would be better to simply deal with a power outage than to pay that expense. While it’s easy enough to understand this line of thinking, the better approach is to look at the big picture and what it will mean down the road to have a generator in place. This is not a purchase that you make while expecting to get just a year or two of performance out of the equipment. With a good generator installed by an experienced contractor, you can count on reliable power performance for many years to come. Each time the power goes out, your generator will simply kick on automatically and do its job until the grid comes back online.


It’s certainly possible to get through a fall and winter without a generator on your property, but you’ll be taking your chances. For peace of mind, look into adding a propane-powered generator to always have a backup close at hand. And, with propane delivery in Greensboro from Berico, you can be sure that generator will have the fuel it needs to kick in at a moment’s notice. As the best supplier of propane Greensboro has to offer, you’ll always be in good hands with Berico as a partner.