Propane Options for Space Heating

Are there some areas of your home that your central heating system doesn’t reach well? Maybe you’d like to heat your garage only when you’re working on the car. Perhaps you have a sunroom that needs extra heat in the winter. There are different types of propane space heaters available. To get the propane you need to heat your extra spaces, call the top heating oil suppliers in Greensboro, Berico Fuels. Berico supplies propane, heating oil, kerosene, and more to homeowners and business owners.  

Propane Space Heaters Come in Many Types to Suit your Needs 

  • Radiant space heaters, or infrared space heaters, use propane to heat coils that in turn heat the air in the room. Heat is transferred to an object which transfers the heat to the air in the room.  
  • Circulating space heaters, or blue flame heaters, use propane to ignite a small flame that heats air. That air is then circulated through the room with a blower mechanism.  
  • WallMounted space heaters can be either radiant or circulating, but are designed to be mounted on the wall. Proper installation is crucial for safe operation of wall mounted space heaters.  
  • Vented space heaters draw air in from the outside, heat it, disperse it throughout the room, and then vent the fumes from the burning fuel outside through a flue.   
  • Unvented space heaters take in air from the room itself and vents back into the room as well. Unvented space heaters are safe when used correctly.   

Safety Guidelines for Indoor Propane Space Heaters 

Propane space heaters are a safe way to heat indoor spaces, but only when installed and operated correctly. Follow these guidelines if you plan to heat any indoor spaces with propane heaters. 

  1. Never leave a space heater unattended. Don’t leave a space heater running in an unoccupied room. An unattended space heater is a greater fire risk. 
  2. Have propane space heaters inspected periodically. A licensed propane technician should inspect your propane space heater yearly to ensure safe operation. 
  3. Always install propane space heaters on a non-combustible surface. It may seem obvious, but don’t sit a propane space heater on carpet, rugs, towels, or cardboard boxes. Wall-mounted units should be installed on non-combustible wall surfaces. 
  4. Do not install unvented space heaters in small bedrooms or bathrooms. Bathrooms and small bedrooms are confined spaces with limited air. The safety risk is much higher in these situations. There are exceptions to this rule: 
    • A bathroom wall-mounted space heater is allowed as long as it doesn’t exceed 6,000 BTU/hour and is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor that will automatically turn off the heater if low oxygen levels are detected. 
    • A bedroom wall-mounted space heater is allowed as long as it doesn’t exceed 10,000 BTU/hour and is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor that will automatically turn off the heater if the low oxygen levels are detected. 

Installation by Experienced Propane and Heating Oil Suppliers in Greensboro is Recommended for Space Heaters 

Safe operation is crucial when using a propane space heater, and proper installation is key to achieving that. The best way to ensure proper installation is to hire qualified propane and heating oil suppliers in Greensboro. Berico Fuels is a leading supplier of heating fuels to Greensboro and the surrounding area. Have your propane space heater installed and periodically inspected by Berico and sign up for automatic propane deliveries so that you’ll never run out. Call (336) 273-8663.