Propane Safety 101: Tips for a Secure and Comfortable Home

Life in the modern world is far more comfortable because of the ability to use various fuels to effectively heat and cool spaces, but safety still needs to be a top priority. If you use propane as the fuel of choice at your home, you’ll want to follow some basic safety measures to make sure no risks are taken.


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Proper Tank Maintenance

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of propane safety is to properly maintain your tank. This tank is going to store a significant amount of propane near your home, so you want to make sure that the tank remains in good condition as the months and years pass. Fortunately, doing so is easy when you work with a team like Berico. You can have your propane delivered on a reliable basis and also have the tank checked to make sure no problems are developing. This simple step alone will give you tremendous peace of mind as a propane tank owner.


Give Your Tank Some Space

It’s important to keep the immediate area around your propane tank clear of clutter that could create a dangerous situation. You certainly don’t want to allow garbage to accumulate around the tank, or anything else that could be flammable. As long as you understand that the area around the tank isn’t to be used for storage, you shouldn’t have any trouble with this point.


Pay Attention to the Smell

As a safety step, there is an odor added to propane, so any leaks can easily be detected by smell. The odor is similar to rotten eggs, so it’s not a scent that most people would describe as pleasant. If you happen to pick up on this scent in or around your home, certainly don’t ignore it – get safely away from the area and call for help from professionals. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when a gas is involved.


Propane is Very Safe

It’s important to wrap up this page by highlighting the impressive safety record of propane compared to other fuels. If you are using propane to heat your home, you can rest assured that you are using a very safe product that is not putting your family at any undue risk. As long as you are following the basic safety steps that apply to these kinds of systems, you can expect to have no trouble at all.


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