Spring Cleaning your Propane Appliances

fireplace logsSpring is a season of fresh starts. Many people perform a spring cleaning regiment both inside and outside of their home. Whether or not you do any spring cleaning, it’s important to clean your propane appliances each year, and spring is an ideal time to do it. Greensboro propane supplier, Berico, suggests these spring cleaning tips for your propane appliances.

Your Furnace Needs Yearly Cleaning and Maintenance

It may seem counter-productive to clean you propane furnace at the end of the heating season, but there’s actually a good reason to do so. After a long, cold winter your furnace has worked hard to keep your home warm and cozy for the past few months. Soot, dust, and dirt have likely built up in your furnace, filters, and ducts. When that stuff sits in your system during the hot, humid months it can cause rusting and other damage to your furnace. For thorough cleaning, call Berico and schedule a tune-up. The experts know just what to do to clean up your furnace at the end of the cold season.

It’s Time to Fire Up the Grill for some Backyard Barbecues—But First, Clean it

Your grill has probably been sitting outside all winter, perhaps under a cover, but still unused and exposed to the elements. Even if it’s been inside a garage or screened-in porch the dust and grime can build up inside. Scrub the grates and the inside of the grill. Empty the drip can. If your propane tank is still connected, check the connection and the condition of the tank itself. Also, check the propane level and get a refill or swap your tank if necessary. Make sure your grill is clean and free of debris before you light it for the first time.

Clean all your Indoor Propane Appliances from the Fireplace Logs to the Clothes Dryer

  • Cleaning Fireplace Logs. When it comes to propane fireplace logs, yearly cleaning is important, especially for the non-vented type. Follow these step-by-step instructions for cleaning your gas fireplace logs. Or take the easier, safer route and call Berico for this service.
  • Cleaning your Clothes Dryer. The biggest issue with clothing dryers is lint build up. Follow these instructions for deep cleaning your dryer. Be sure to always turn off the propane supply to your dryer before cleaning.
  • Cleaning your Water Heater. Plumbers recommend flushing your water heater yearly. It could be a DIY project with experience, but it may be best to call your plumber for this service. When it comes to propane water heaters, the propane line and related parts should be inspected and cleaned by your propane supplier. Berico can handle this portion.

Berico can Clean all of your Greensboro Propane Appliances in One Maintenance Appointment

The most convenient way to spring clean all of your propane appliances is to let Berico do it for you. Call and schedule a maintenance appointment this spring and get all of your appliances cleaned and tuned up at once. Berico will also inspect your propane tank and gas line and refill it if needed. You’ll be ahead of the game way before fall when you’ll need your furnace again. Call Berico, your trusted Greensboro propane supplier and schedule an appointment today: (336) 273-8663.