The Advantages of Modern Furnaces

HVAC maintenance and tune upFurnaces have been around for more than a century. The technology has come a long way since 1919 when the first central heating system was invented and it is constantly improving. If your furnace is more than 10 years old, chances are a new one will be more efficient.


Whether your furnace has quit or you’re thinking about getting a new one, here are the advantages of new furnace installation in Greensboro.


Modern Furnaces Offer:


  • Higher Efficiency. Modern furnaces are more efficient than those that are even 10 years old. Advancements in technology raise the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) which means that you can heat your home with less heating fuel.
  • Lower Heating Bills. Since modern furnaces are more efficient, you’ll notice lower heating bills after your new furnace installation in Greensboro. Whether your furnace uses natural gas, propane, or heating oil, you’ll save money with a new furnace.
  • Greater Comfort. Modern furnaces do a better job of making your home feel warm and cozy. By making the most heat possible out of a small amount of heating fuel and distributing it more evenly throughout your home, you achieve a greater level of comfort than you would with an older furnace.
  • More Reliable. Reliability is a quality that cannot be replaced with any other feature. When you need your home to be warm on a cold day or night, your furnace just has to work. The automatic pilot is just one way that modern furnaces are more reliable than older ones. Common problems that used to plague furnaces have been nearly eliminated with advancements in engineering.
  • Environmentally Friendly. The more efficient your furnace is, the easier it is on the environment. Using less fuel is one way, and the other is emitting less pollution into the air in the form of carbon monoxide and other gases. Modern furnaces are much more environmentally friendly than older ones.
  • Automatic Pilot Light. Most recent furnaces have an automatic pilot light. This means that the pilot, the small flame that ignites the heating fuel, does not have to stay lit all the time. An electric component lights the pilot when the thermostat calls for heat. No more waking up cold because the pilot light has gone out and needs to be relit. It also prevents wasted heating fuel that a constantly burning pilot light uses.


Ready for a Furnace Upgrade? Contact Berico for an Estimate 

If you want all the benefits of a modern furnace, it’s time for an upgrade. Berico provides reliable furnace installation in Greensboro and the surrounding area. The energy savings alone will help your new furnace pay for itself over time. Consider a free energy audit for your home as well to discover any areas where you’re losing energy. Upgrading your insulation can help you get even more energy savings out of your new furnace.

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