The Benefits of Fleet Fueling

One of the biggest expenses – and hassles – associated with operating a fleet of commercial vehicles is fueling. Not only will fueling eat up a big part of your budget each month, but it also takes a considerable amount of time. By opting for fleet fueling, you can get around some of these issues and better position your fleet for success.


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How Fleet Fueling Works

If you aren’t currently using a fleet fueling service, you are likely sending the drivers of your vehicles to stop at a nearby fueling station to top off their tanks. Those drivers may have company cards they can use to purchase the fuel, and they’ll have to take a bit of time out of their day to make this stop.


Fleet fueling is the opposite of this approach. Instead of going to the pumps, the pumps come to you in the form of a fuel truck from a company like Berico. This way, the trucks can be filled up while they are still on your lot, and then they can head out for the day without needing to worry about fuel. It’s a convenient, efficient system that is already utilized by many fleet operators.


Considering the Many Benefits

This article has already touched on some of the benefits of this service briefly, but the points below should make those benefits even more evident –


  • Get a great price. Paying a little more than you have to for fuel can really make a big difference when operating a busy fleet. If you can bring down what you spend on fuel by just a percentage point or two, you stand to save a significant amount of money by the end of the year. Working with a trusted fueler like Berico will help you get the best possible price for the fuel you need to keep things running.


  • Save time and miles. Not only will you cut down on the time your drivers spend seeking out fuel, but you’ll also reduce how many miles they have to drive while out on the road. Remember, every single mile costs money, so even if they just go a few miles out of their standard route to get fuel, that’s extra money that doesn’t need to be spent.
  • Cut down on risks. There are risks associated with providing your drivers with the ability to purchase fuel for their vehicles. By taking control of that process, you cut down on the chances of fraud, and you also remove the energy and time needed to carefully track those cards and how they are being used.


When you add everything up, fleet fueling makes a lot of sense. Once you put this system in place with a supplier like Berico, you’ll be able to take fueling headaches off of your plate and know that the vehicles will have the fuel they need to keep up with even the busiest of schedules. Get in touch with Berico today to get started.