Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality with Your HVAC System

Breathing clean air is an experience that everyone deserves in their home. When the air in your home is fresh, it makes it easier to relax and enjoy your time with family – and, of course, that clean air will help everyone stay healthier. If you’d like to take some steps toward cleaner air in your home, the tips below should be helpful.


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The Essential Starting Point

There are plenty of advanced techniques you can use to improve the air quality in your home, and we will get to some of those in a moment. However, the only place to start this discussion is with the air filter that is serving your HVAC system. If the air filter isn’t doing its job, you’ll struggle to maintain clean air, even if you take some other steps.


Fortunately, this is an easy point to check off your list. You need to do just two things – buy a good quality air filter – which won’t be very expensive – and change it out regularly. By switching out the air filter as soon as the old one gets too dirty to function properly any longer, you’ll not only be improving your air quality, but you will also be helping the whole HVAC system function more efficiently.


Berico has teamed up with FilterFetch to simplify your HVAC maintenance routine. With FilterFetch, you can say goodbye to the hassle of remembering to purchase and replace your HVAC filters. As a trusted Berico partner, FilterFetch delivers high-quality, professional-grade filters right to your doorstep. If you’re ready to streamline your filter replacement process and ensure optimal air quality in your home, check out our HVAC Filter Service through FilterFetch today. Here’s the link:  HVAC filter delivery service.


Add a Purifying Device

You’ll be at a good starting point when you have a clean, quality air filter within your system. As a next step, consider adding an air purifier, such as the iWave, a product Berico is proud to install. This type of device produces ions actively to counteract a variety of particles in the air, such as pathogens and allergens. This is important, as some airborne particles are too small to be caught by a standard air filter, so they will flow freely unless you take an additional step. The installation of an iWave device is an affordable investment that will pay off in the form of cleaner air for years to come.



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