What AC Unit Do I Need For My House?

Best time of year to service your HVACDoes your home need a new air conditioner? Whether you’re replacing an old system or installing AC for the first time, it’s very important that you get the right unit for your house. If you get the wrong size or the wrong type for your home, you could end up constantly calling for AC repair in Greensboro.


How do you know what AC unit would be best for your home? Here’s what to consider.


The Square Footage of Your Home

When it comes to the sizing of air conditioners, the biggest factor is the square footage of your home. You need a system that is big enough to cool the total square footage of your home that you want to cool. That does not include any unfinished areas like basements, attics, or garages. However, if you have plans to finish your basement or attic in the near future, you’ll want to take that square footage into consideration when you purchase a new AC unit.


The Weather Where You Live

The type of AC unit that would work for your home also depends on the weather in your area. A traditional air conditioner unit can typically handle the hot summer temperatures in North Carolina. A heat pump would also be effective. Heat pumps are very efficient when it comes to heating and cooling because they transfer heat in and out of your home. The only time that a heat pump is not as effective is in areas where the weather is extremely cold.


Whether or Not Your Home has Ductwork

If you are replacing an old air conditioning unit, is there already existing ductwork? It would work to get a central air conditioner in that case because the ductwork is already in place. If your home does not have ductwork, you could potentially get ducts installed, or you could get a ductless air conditioner.


How Much Shade Your Home Gets

Homes that get a lot of shade from trees tend to stay cooler than those that are always in direct sunlight. When the sun shines directly on your home the majority of the time, it can heat up quickly. You may need a more powerful air conditioning system if your home lacks natural shade.


The Height of Your Ceilings

If you have high or vaulted ceilings, you may need a more powerful air conditioner unit to help your home feel consistently cool and comfortable. It may also play a part in how your ductwork needs to be configured so that the cool air reaches all parts of the house equally.


Windows and Insulation

If you have old windows or your insulation is not very efficient, you may find that you need a more powerful AC unit to keep up with the heat that is passing through. It would be in your best interest to upgrade your windows and insulation to save energy before you invest in a new air conditioning system.


Ask the Experts at Berico 

When it comes to choosing an air conditioning and heating system for your home, you should get a professional recommendation. Berico is an experienced HVAC company that handles installation and AC repair in Greensboro and the surrounding area. If you’re having problems with your current AC unit, it may be time to replace it. Berico will recommend the best AC unit for your home and provide complete installation services.


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