What to do if Your Propane Tank is Making Noise

Are there noises coming from your propane tank? No, this is not normal and may indicate a problem. But don’t panic. Most of the problems that cause these noises are easy for your Burlington propane supplier to fix. If your tank is making noise, call Alamance Oil (336) 226-9371 right away. Then read on for more information on what the problem may be.  

What Sounds are you Hearing? 

There are 3 common sounds your propane tank might make. 

  • Knocking. If you hear a knocking sound as if something is bumping around inside your tank, there is likely an imbalance of air and gas inside. Another indicator of this is the flame. You should see a blue flame with a yellow tip. If you see a yellow or white flame, you have a problem. This imbalance can be dangerous and should be corrected as soon as possible. Call your propane supplier right away. 
  • Hissing. When you hear a hissing sound, it most likely indicates a leak. Turn off the tank itself, your furnace, and any appliances that use propane. Then call your supplier to come out and fix the leak. 
  • Humming or Gurgling. These noises may not be as noticeable as a knocking or hissing sound, but they still indicate a problem. The problem is likely that your tank was overfilled. In this case there is too much pressure in the tank, which puts strain on the regulator. This in turn causes a low flow of propane out of the tank. An indication of this is when the flame appears to be lower than usual. Call your supplier to drain the excess propane. Another possible cause of humming is vibrations of the regulator or air that is trapped somewhere in the line or system. Either way, it’s best to call your Burlington propane supplier to be sure the problem is properly diagnosed and repaired. 

Call Alamance Oil, Your Burlington Propane Supplier, to Restore Peace and Quiet to your Tank 

Propane is a safe energy source as long as it is handled properly by trained professionals. If you hear unusual sounds coming from your propane tank, call the experts at Alamance Oil to identify and correct the problem. =Leaks and other tank issues can be dangerous if not promptly repaired.  

If Alamance Oil is not your current Burlington propane supplier, there are many benefits to switching. Alamance Oil is a local supplier which means your propane won’t have to travel as far to get to you, which saves you money. Free tank swap outs are available for new customers, making it easy to switch suppliers. Alamance Oil offers affordable service agreements that include propane delivery discounts and HVAC maintenance. Call (336) 226-9371 to start the process of switching to Alamance Oil today.