Who Makes the Best Commercial Air Conditioner?

Berico is a leader in commercial HVAC services throughout the greater Greensboro area. When you turn to us for your commercial HVAC service, you’ll be working with an experienced team that understands the challenges that come along with commercial installations or repairs. Knowing that their 100 years of experience is on your side, you can rest assured that the project will be completed successfully and in a timely manner.


As you think about adding a new commercial air conditioner to your building, or as you work on constructing a new building and need A/C, you might be wondering who makes the best system on the market today. The article below will tackle that question to help you make an informed choice.


Sticking with Known Brands

As a good starting point when looking for a commercial air conditioner that you can trust, shop among some of the known brands on the market. You don’t necessarily have to buy from the one or two top names, but you also don’t want to invest your money into a system that hasn’t yet proven its worth. Remember, this air conditioning equipment will need to perform well for years if you are going to get good value out of the purchase, so stick with brand names that your commercial HVAC contractor has worked with for years and knows to be trustworthy. Saving a small percentage on the purchase by going with an unfamiliar brand is not going to pay off in the long run.


Getting the Sizing Right

Just as important as getting the “best” commercial air conditioner is finding a system that is the appropriate size for your building and the spaces that need to be cooled. Even the best brand in the world is going to offer disappointing performance if it isn’t the right size unit for how much space you need to cool during the middle of a hot North Carolina summer. Not only will an undersized unit struggle to keep the building comfortable, but it will also be likely to wear out prematurely because it will have to work so hard to keep up.


Work with Trusted HVAC Pros

The most important single piece of this puzzle is to work with a known HVAC contractor like Berico with an excellent reputation in the local area. Berico will provide you with quality commercial air conditioning equipment, and that equipment will be selected after a careful review of your specific needs. This is the best way to come away with a system that is ideal for your building and what it will require out of the air conditioner moving forward. Instead of guessing as to the brand and size that will give you the desired results, you can simply work with Berico and you’ll know that you have gotten it right the first time.


To get started right away, just contact Berico and explain your situation. The Berico team is always happy to answer questions and will provide you with an estimate for your job right away.