The Importance of Whole Home Surge Protection

Most of the time, the power grid is pretty reliable, and you can just allow your various pieces of equipment to run without any worries. There are issues that come up, however, and sometimes a surge of power may rush through the system and put your gear in danger. This is why you probably have a surge protector protecting your computer – but what about everything else? A whole home surge protector is the answer.


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What is Whole Home Surge Protection?

This type of system is exactly as it sounds – it provides an additional layer of protection for everything in your house if more electrical current than expected flows through the building. Rather than needing to plug everything into different surge protectors, you can offer coverage to even things that you wouldn’t be able to connect to a standard strip, such as your HVAC system or your refrigerator. Not only that, but you get much better protection from a quality whole home system than you would ever get from a simple plug-in model.


A Great Value

When you compare the cost of having whole home surge protection added to your property against the potential expenses you could incur if equipment is damaged, it’s an easy choice. This type of protection is going to keep some of your most expensive pieces of equipment safe, meaning you won’t be forced to go out and buy a replacement sometime soon after a power event that wasn’t your fault.


Ideally, you would like to get the longest possible useful life out of all of your major pieces of equipment. Nothing lasts forever, of course, but getting even a few more years out of these major home components is a big financial win. With only a modest cost required to have the surge protection installed, you will have gotten great value for your money, and you can sleep a little better at night as a result.


More and More Technology to Protect

Even if all you needed a whole home surge protector for was to keep your big pieces of equipment like HVAC equipment and a refrigerator safe, it would be worth it. But these days, many homes have a list of smart features integrated into the design, and those components need to be protected, as well. You might have a security system that is connected to the electrical grid, along with a smart thermostat and many other pieces including your entertainment equipment. Keeping all of these parts safe is in your best interest, and a surge protection system can do just that.


Whether you need AC repair, furnace installation, or maybe the installation of a whole home surge protection system, Berico should be your first choice. With one hundred years in business and a reputation that speaks for itself, you’ll certainly be in good hands with this team.