Why Are Propane Tanks Not Filled to 100%?

Many people, when they receive a propane delivery for the first time, are surprised to find that the tank wasn’t filled all the way to 100% capacity. Did the delivery driver forget to add enough propane to fill the whole tank? No, it was intentional. In this article, we’ll talk about why your tank isn’t going to be filled to 100% and how to plan properly so you never run out of propane when you need it most.


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It’s All About Safety

As you might have guessed, the reason that propane tanks are left somewhere short of 100% full is rooted in safety. While propane has an excellent safety record, it is still a fuel that needs to be handled properly to make sure no one is put at risk. Generally, this means that propane suppliers will only fill tanks to a safe fill range of 70%-80% when doing a delivery.


The primary reason for this approach is thermal expansion. When temperatures warm up, propane expands and fills more space than it does at a colder temperature. So, if the propane was added during a relatively cold time – and the tank was filled to 100% – there would be no room for expansion. Should the tank then heat up, pressure would build, and the possibility of a rupture would exist. By going with a 70-80% fill, there will always be room in the tank for expansion, and that risk is mitigated.


Proper Planning is the Key

In the end, it doesn’t really matter much for your purposes that your tank is only going to be filled up to 80%. The key is understanding how long that fill will last based on your propane needs and the size of the tank, so you can schedule your deliveries accordingly. When you work with a team like Berico, you can easily get on a recurring schedule of propane delivery so you don’t run out and you don’t have to actively manage your tank’s levels. Just trust that the Berico team is going to arrive when expected and you’ll always have the fuel you need. The longer you own and operate a propane tank on your property, the more you will know about your seasonal requirements, and the more accurately you’ll be able to forecast your delivery times; or if you use a company like Berico they will be able to project your usage and make sure you are filled at the right time.


Propane tanks aren’t filled to 100%, but propane as a fuel is still an excellent choice for your property. Whether you need propane tank installation or a partner to handle recurring deliveries, the next step is the same – call Berico today to learn more.