How Can I Save Electricity with My HVAC?

Modern HVAC equipment has managed to make life more comfortable than at any time in human history. Summer heat wearing you out? It’s HVAC to the rescue, as your air conditioner can take the edge off even the worst of days. Feeling a little cold? Just flip on the furnace and you’ll be cozy in no time.

Of course, using your HVAC system likely means using electricity, which can get expensive. This post will highlight some simple tips to reduce electricity consumption while still staying comfortable. And, if you need help with air conditioning repair or any other type of HVAC project, get in touch with Berico right away.


Have Routine Maintenance Performed

There are just so many benefits to going through routine maintenance on your HVAC system. Not only will the system be more reliable when it is maintained regularly, but it will also run more efficiently – meaning you will save electricity each time it comes on. Fortunately, routine maintenance is quite affordable and the money you spend on the work will likely be more than returned to you in the form of future savings on your electrical bill (and by avoiding or delaying future repairs).


Modify Your Thermostat Settings

It’s okay to experience some swings in temperature inside your home throughout the year. Sure, you want the HVAC system to keep you comfortable, but moving your set temperature up or down by a few degrees (depending on the season) will save electricity without a major difference in your comfort. For example, instead of trying to get your air conditioner to bring the temperature in your home on a hot day all the way down to 68, set the thermostat for 72 or 74 degrees.  Those few degrees probably won’t make a huge difference in how you feel but they can make it so your system consumes significantly less energy.


Improve Your Insulation

The insulation in your home is actually the first line of defense that you have against the hot and cold temperatures outside. With good insulation, less thermal transfer will occur between outside and inside, and the air inside your home will tend to stay at a more neutral temperature. This is another way you can invest in your home and have that investment pay off in terms of savings on your utility bills each month. Another potential major issues is duct work leakage. Older homes often have leaking or disconnected ducts leading to over working your HVAC System and causing inefficiencies.


Upgrade to a New System

At some point, the HVAC equipment in your home is going to need to be replaced. If you feel like that day is drawing near, you might want to consider going ahead with it as soon as possible to start enjoying electrical savings. New HVAC equipment will run far more efficiently than your old gear, especially if that old system has been in place for a couple of decades or longer.


As masters of A/C repair and AC installation, you’ll always be in good hands with the Berico team. Take a moment today to reach out and learn more about the available services or to make an appointment to have your system checked out.