Why is My AC Frozen?

Dirty AC FilterIs there ice on your air conditioner? It may seem unusual, because you typically only run your AC when it is hot outside, but it is actually a common occurrence. How exactly can your outdoor unit freeze in the warm weather? There are a few different reasons your AC may have developed a layer of ice. Here’s what you need to know about why your system is frozen, how to thaw it, and when to call for AC repair in Burlington.


  1. Problem: Clogged Filters. Your AC relies on intake vents to draw air into the system in order to cool it down and disperse it. The intake vents have filters that remove dust, dirt, and other particles from the air as it is drawn in. When these filters get dirty they can become clogged, reducing or blocking the flow of air into your air conditioner. When there is insufficient air moving across the evaporator coil the refrigerant inside can get too cold and form ice.

Solution: Turn off your AC for a few hours to let the ice thaw. Replace your dirty filters with clean ones. Once there is no more visible ice on your outdoor unit, run the blower for about an hour. Then turn the AC back on and monitor your system for a while to ensure no more ice forms.


  1. Problem: Blower Failure. Mechanical issues with your AC blower can cause it to quit. When the blower isn’t working the system can’t draw in air and the refrigerant gets too cold, allowing ice to form on the outdoor unit. It essentially has the same effect as the clogged filters, but it is caused by a broken blower system instead.

Solution: Turn off your system and call an HVAC professional. Most untrained people will not know how to fix the blower for an air conditioner and trying to do so without experience or knowledge is not recommended.


  1. Problem: Blocked Refrigerant Lines. Sometimes clogs or blockages can occur in the refrigerant lines that result in a drop in pressure. Lower pressure leads to lower temperature and allows the system to freeze.

Solution: Turn off your air conditioner and call a professional. Attempting to unclog refrigerant lines is a job for someone with experience and training.


  1. Problem: Low Refrigerant. A leak in the evaporator coil can allow refrigerant to leak. When the refrigerant level is too low the pressure drops. Just like with a blocked refrigerant line, low pressure causes the temperature to drop and the unit to freeze up.

Solution: Turn off your system and call an HVAC service in Burlington. Fixing leaks and recharging refrigerant needs to be done by a trained professional. Overfilling and under-filling can cause serious problems with your air conditioner. And failing to repair the leak before recharging the refrigerant is just asking for a repeat performance.


Berico Provides AC Repair in Burlington

If your AC is frozen and the problem isn’t dirty filters, call Berico for assistance. Berico technicians are trained and skilled to diagnose problems with frozen air conditioners and repair them so that the freezing stops. At the first sign of ice developing on your outdoor unit, call for AC repair in Burlington and Berico will be at your door as soon as possible. Turn off your AC until a technician arrives to prevent the problem from worsening.

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