3 Common AC Problems Solved

Most of the time your air conditioner probably works fine. With regular maintenance, an air conditioning system usually operates free of problems. However, when the occasional issue occurs, there’s often an easy solution. 

But in the event that it can’t be easily solved, Berico is here to help. Call (336) 273-8663 or schedule HVAC service. Berico provides maintenance, repair, and air conditioning installation in Greensboro.


Problem 1: Low Air Flow. Does it seem that the flow of air coming out of your vents is weak? If you can barely feel it or you have to stand on a stool and put your hand right in front of the vent to feel it, something is wrong. 

Solution: Change your filters. The most common reason for low airflow is dirty, clogged filters. If it’s been more than 6 months since you’ve changed your filters, you are likely to find a buildup of dust and dirt (and pet hair if you have pets). If changing your filters doesn’t improve airflow, call Berico. You may have a blower problem instead. 

Problem 2: Outdoor unit is frozen over. Is there ice on your outdoor unit? This is a common problem that occurs with air conditioners, but there may be an easy solution.

Solution: First, check your filters. You already know from problem 1 that dirty filters can impede airflow. Low airflow over the evaporator coil inside your AC unit can cause it to freeze over because it’s not getting enough warm air. If the filters are relatively clean, you may have a dirty evaporator coil. At this point, it’s best to call Berico for a thorough cleaning of your system. 

Problem 3: Short Cycling. Does your AC seem to turn on and off repeatedly? It doesn’t stay on or off for very long, and your home doesn’t feel cool. There are a few possible reasons and solutions for this behavior.


  • First, check your filters. This should always be the first step when you have an AC problem. 
  • Next, consider your thermostat. The placement of your thermostat plays a big part in the operation of your air conditioner. If it’s in an area where it gets direct sunlight or it’s near a door that opens frequently, it may cause your AC to run more often. Consider moving your thermostat to a more ideal location. 
  • Another cause could be a refrigerant leak, which requires professional HVAC service to correct.
  • And finally, your air conditioner might be oversized for your home. If you’ve just had air conditioning installation in Greensboro and your AC is short cycling, you might have the wrong size system. Call Berico if you’ve checked the filters and the problem still persists. 

Fast, Affordable Air Conditioning Installation in Greensboro

Common AC problems typically have simple solutions and can often be repaired. But in some cases an air conditioner can’t be fixed and needs to be replaced. If your system is over 10 years old, it should probably be replaced anyway, whether it can be repaired or not. An older system is significantly less efficient than a new system, which means it is wasting energy and running up your energy bill. Consider air conditioning installation in Greensboro by the experts at Berico and you could save money each month. Call (336) 273-8663 or schedule HVAC service