3 Things you Should Know about your HVAC System’s Ductwork

ac replacement ductworkThe most common type of HVAC System is forced air. Forced air HVAC systems, consisting of a furnace and an air conditioner, require ductwork to move air around your home in order to provide heating and cooling. Forced air HVAC systems are cost-effective and energy-efficient, making them a popular choice for most homeowners. 

Whether you already have a forced-air HVAC system with ductwork in place or you’re facing AC replacement in Burlington and wondering whether a forced-air system is right for you, there are three main things you should know about HVAC ductwork. 


  • How Ductwork Functions. Ductwork is a series of metal or fiberglass tubing that connects the air conditioner and furnace to the rest of the home. The primary function of the ductwork is to move air from the intake vents into the AC or furnace for conditioning (heating or cooling) and then around to each room of a home. Ducts are insulated and sealed to keep conditioned air in and unconditioned air out. There are other parts that play a key part in the function of the ductwork, such as filters that keep out dust and dirt, and the blower that forces the air through the ducts. 
  • Proper Installation is Key. Ductwork must be properly installed in order to effectively transport air. It’s important that the installer has training and experience in HVAC duct installation. The biggest concern is to be sure to adequately seal any seams between ducts. Leaks can cause lack of efficiency as conditioned air escapes and unconditioned air seeps in. Quality materials play an important role in preventing leaks during ductwork installation and in future operation.
  • Keeping Ductwork Clean and Maintained. While proper installation is crucial, regular maintenance is necessary to keep ductwork operating properly. Even when you change your filters regularly, over time dust, pollen, and other small particles from the air manage to get past the filters and end up in the ducts. Cracks or holes that sometimes develop over time can allow pests to get inside the ducts and nest. Shifting due to house settling or changes in temperature can cause leaks to form. Professional ductwork cleaning and maintenance can restore ducts to their best working condition for optimal energy efficiency and prevent the spread of allergens throughout your home. 


AC Replacement in Burlington by the Experts at Alamance Oil 

Forced air HVAC systems can be installed in existing homes or as part of new home construction. In new construction, the ductwork can be built into the design so that it is invisible once the home is finished. Ductwork can be fitted into an existing home using a variety of methods to conceal them, such as the use of attic and storage space when available. Alamance Oil has the experience and training necessary to properly install your ductwork as part of your AC replacement in Burlington. Whether you need ductwork installation or maintenance, call Alamance Oil: (336) 226-9371.