4 Reasons Propane is More Efficient than Other Heating Fuels

4 Reasons Propane is More Efficient than Other Heating FuelsThe most common heating fuels used in Burlington are Propane and Natural Gas. Oil is also used, but not as much in recent years. In comparison, propane is more efficient than natural gas for a variety of reasons. If you are debating between choosing propane or natural gas for heating, here are four reasons that propane is more efficient.


It burns hotter

When it burns, propane burns at a higher temperature than natural gas, which is the reason it takes less propane than gas to get your home heated to your desired temperature. The high heat capacity of propane allows your home to heat faster so that it feels comfortable much sooner on a cold day or night. If you tend to turn your heat down when no one is home, propane heat will recover much faster so that you feel the heat sooner once you get home and turn up the thermostat. 

Less is More

Propane is more concentrated than natural gas. It produces more than twice the energy of the same amount of natural gas. In BTU’s (British Thermal Units), it is approximately 2,516 per cubic foot of propane vs. 1,030 per cubic foot of natural gas. Mathematically, propane yields more energy. 

Propane is a pure gas

Propane is a gas extracted from natural gas. It is separated during the production of natural gas and sold to suppliers as a pure fuel. Natural gas contains propane, methane, butane, ethane, and pentane. While natural gas gets its name from the fact that it occurs naturally to some extent, it is also processed before it gets to consumers. Natural gas is a greenhouse gas, but propane is not. Its purity is one of the reasons behind its efficiency.

Propane heat feels warmer

You can actually set your thermostat lower because the warm, radiant heat of propane feels warmer than the heat you get from natural gas. You’ll feel cozier and may require fewer blankets or extra layers of clothing. When it comes to a gas log fireplace, propane is more efficient here as well, providing a greater warmth and ambiance. Some homeowners even choose to fuel their gas logs with propane when the rest of their home appliances run on natural gas, simply because it feels warmer. 

Burlington Propane is Convenient

Not only is propane highly efficient, it can be conveniently delivered right to you. A common myth about propane is that it is not as convenient as natural gas, but it is more so. Not every home has access to natural gas lines, but Burlington propane can be made available to anyone, anywhere. A propane tank can be placed on your property or buried underground if you prefer. You can even receive automatic propane refills to ensure you never run out. 

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