4 Propane Safety Tips for Families with Small Children

4 Propane Safety Tips for Families with Small Children

Propane is a highly safe source of energy. It is non-toxic, clean-burning, and it only ignites at extremely high temperatures. Although safe, homes with small children should manage fuels with proper safety precautions. Here are some safety tips that can help teach little ones how to be safe around propane in Greensboro. 

A wonderful resource for children is www.propanekids.com. This is an interactive site with games, printable activities, and other information about propane safety for kids. 

Do a Home Propane Inspection

Familiarize your children with the ways propane is used in your home. They should know which appliances use it, where the tank is located, and where the propane enters your home. Explain to your children the importance of never touching or playing with the propane equipment or tanks. You can use this checklist as a guide. By involving your child in the process of checking your home’s propane equipment, they will be actively learning and are more likely to remember. 

Introduce your Children to the Smell of Propane

When your supplier makes a delivery, ask them to allow you and your children to smell the propane to know the odor. If a refill isn’t needed, describe the smell of propane to your children. The smell is like rotten eggs or a skunk. Make sure they know to tell an adult if they think they smell propane.

Designate a Family Emergency Meeting Place

For a multitude of safety purposes, your family should have an emergency meeting place outside of your home. Ideally, this place is off-property, but nearby and within sight of your home. This emergency meeting place is adequate in case of a propane leak. Review this meeting place with your children, or establish a meeting place if you don’t already have one designated.

Have a Propane Safety Drill

Make sure your children know what to do in the event of a possible propane leak. Go over safety steps and then hold a practice drill. Here are the appropriate steps to take if someone smells propane in or around the home. 

  • If a child smells propane, the child should tell an adult.
  • If an adult smells propane, first extinguish any flames, such as candles or stove burners.
  • The adult should then turn off the propane at the tank by turning the valve clockwise until it stops. If you are unsure how to do this, skip this step.
  • Everyone must leave the home and property. An adult should make sure everyone is out, including pets.
  • Once everyone reaches the emergency meeting place, the adult should then call the propane supplier or 911 if the supplier cannot be reached.
  • No one should reenter the home or area until a propane professional has deemed it safe to do so.

Practice these steps with your children so that they will know what to do and will not be frightened if a propane leak occurs. 

Get a Propane Inspection from your Supplier of Propane in Greensboro 

Lastly, scheduling regular propane inspections from your supplier maximizes your home’s safety. Every time you receive a delivery of propane in Greensboro, have your tank and gas lines inspected. For the utmost safety, have your propane appliances inspected as well for proper function because faulty appliances are often the culprits of propane leaks. 

Call Berico today at (336) 273-8663 to schedule a propane inspection to make sure your home is a safe place for your family.