4 Signs it’s Time for a New AC

air conditioning unitHow do you know when you need a new air conditioner? The fact that you’re wondering is probably a strong indicator that it may be time. Before you start looking for HVAC companies who handle Burlington AC replacement, consider these 4 common signs that it’s time for a new AC. 

  1. Lack of Comfort. Does it seem as if your home doesn’t feel as cool lately as it used to feel? Are there some areas of your home that feel cooler than others? When your air conditioner is starting to get closer to needing to be replaced it tends to cool less sufficiently or less evenly.  
  2. Unusual Noises. Has your air conditioner been making more racket than usual? Have you noticed it making noises you don’t think it made before? You are right to be alarmed. Sometimes it happens so gradually you hardly notice. But unusual noises can mean your AC is starting to wear out and may need to be replaced soon.  
  3. High Energy Bills. Does it seem as if your electricity bill keeps getting higher and higher? It may not be in your head. If your air conditioner is starting to go it can become a real energy drain. And even if it’s running as well as it ever did, if it’s more than ten years old it uses much more energy than new systems do. Replacing an old AC can help get those bills back down.  
  4. Excess Humidity. Do you feel a dampness inside your home? Does it smell musty? Do you notice condensation on windows, mirrors, or metal surfaces? These are all signs of excess humidity in your home, which means your air conditioning is not working properly. Your AC should automatically control the humidity inside your home, removing moisture from the air as it comes in and cools down.  

If you notice any of these signs, the first step is to call your HVAC service for inspection and maintenance. It’s possible it may just need a tune up. Your technician will be able to give you an accurate recommendation for either repair or replacement after thoroughly inspecting your air conditioner and evaluating its current condition.  

Burlington AC Replacement Done Right by Alamance Oil 

Air conditioner replacement is a big undertaking and you want to make sure it’s done right. Alamance Oil has been providing Burlington AC replacement for decades. Experienced, certified installers will replace your old, worn, and outdated air conditioner with a new, efficient model. The noises will stop, your energy bills will go down, and your home will feel comfortable again. Proper installation ensures that you will get the most out of your air conditioner from energy efficient operation to many years of home comfort. Call Alamance Oil today to have your current system inspected and either repaired or replaced: (336) 226-9371.