5 Reasons Why Propane Tank Size Matters

propane customers in greensboroAre you a propane customer in Greensboro, NC? Whether you already use propane, are thinking of switching to propane, or you have become a propane customer due to moving into a new home – it’s important to have the right size tank. Here are 5 reasons why the size of your propane tank matters. 


Propane exists as a liquid in tanks until it is boiled and turns into a gas. This process is called vaporization. In order for vaporization to take place, there must be enough propane in a large enough tank. A small tank, such as a cylinder, will not be able to fuel a residential furnace. A home using propane for heat will need a tank that is at least 500 gallons. 


A tank that is too small will require refills too frequently, causing your energy costs to rise. A tank that is too big will cost more to refill when you may not need that much propane. Having the right size tank for the average projected use of propane is as efficient as you can possibly be. 

Size of your home

When using propane for home heat, the size of your home will dictate the size of the tank you need. If your tank is too small for the square footage of your home, you’ll run out of propane too soon. If you have a tank that is bigger than what you need you’ll pay too much for refills. And if your refills are few and far between, your propane tank’s condition could deteriorate without you being aware of it and without your supplier inspecting it during regular refills. 

Household usage

It’s important to take every propane appliance into account when calculating household propane usage. Furnace, stove/oven range, water heater, generators, clothes dryers, and anything else that uses propane will need to be entered into the calculations. You’ll need a tank that is big enough to supply energy for all of your household appliances. 

Commercial usage

Besides residential, commercial propane use also requires the right size tank. With such a wide variety of commercial uses for propane, it can be complicated to determine what sizes of tanks your business may need. From small cylinders to 1,000-gallon tanks, you may need a combination of tank sizes for different applications. Some may need to be easily portable, others not. 

Not Sure What Size Tank You Need for your Propane in Greensboro, NC?

Berico can help. Berico has been supplying propane in Greensboro, NC since 1924. Using experience and precise calculations it can be easily determined what size tank you’ll need for your home or business. Save money and increase efficiency with a tank that will hold enough propane to get you through without excessive refills. 

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