6 Signs it’s Time to Switch Propane Companies

6 signs its time to switch propane companiesAre you dissatisfied with your current propane supplier in Yanceyville, NC? Whether it’s a customer service issue, a pricing issue, or something else entirely. There are some signs that can tell you that it’s time to switch propane companies. Unlike natural gas or electricity, you have a choice when it comes to your supplier, which is one of the major benefits of using propane. Consider these 6 signs you should find a new propane supplier. 

Fluctuating Prices

Does it seem that the price of propane keeps going up whenever you need a refill? Sometimes suppliers will advertise a certain price to entice new customers, but then quote existing customers a higher price. Compare prices between suppliers in the area to get an accurate idea of current rates.

Poor Customer Service

Is the quality of service declining the longer you’ve been a customer? Some companies put their best foot forward in the beginning for new customers, and then their efforts dwindle the longer you’re with them. If you’re not satisfied with the customer service you receive, it may be time to shop around. 

Lack of Availability

Is it hard to get an appointment for a propane delivery or other service with your current supplier? Perhaps they don’t have the staff to keep up with the number of customers, or perhaps they just aren’t making you a priority. Don’t put up with inconvenient scheduling. Find a new supplier that has time for you. 

You’ve Reached the End of your Contract

If you were under a contract with a certain company and you have the choice of whether or not to renew it, this is a good time to consider other options. 

Too Many Fees

Does it seem like your current supplier keeps adding on additional fees? You shouldn’t be paying for more than the price of propane and the cost of delivery. In fact, entering into a contract for automatic deliveries with a supplier should reduce your fees, not increase them. 

Your Current Supplier Tries too Hard to Keep You

If your contract has ended and your current company is already trying to convince you to renew, it could be a red flag that they are struggling to keep customers. When you ask about ending your service and they try to slap you with cancellation fees and other nonsense, it’s a sign you’re making the right decision in leaving. 

Make the Easy, Free Switch to a Reliable Propane Supplier in Yanceyville, NC 

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