Propane Furnace: 6 Winter Readiness Tips

winter readiness tips propane supplier in ReidsvilleIs your propane furnace ready for winter? When the weather turns cold you want to be sure you can count on your furnace to keep you warm. Getting stuck without heat on a cold winter day is an experience you won’t soon forget. Want to avoid such unpleasantness? Here are 6 winter readiness tips from your propane supplier in Reidsville

Have your tank refilled

Don’t wait for your tank to run low or run out on a cold winter day. The coldest days will have your propane supplier in Reidsville as busy as possible, so you may have to wait for a while in the cold. And running out of propane completely can cause problems with your tank and gas lines that will require extra procedures to be done. Be prepared by getting your tank refilled early. 

Have your tank inspected

Propane tanks can rust and deteriorate over time, which can cause problems with your home heat and pose a safety hazard. Whenever you have your tank refilled, your supplier should inspect your tank for any signs of damage. 

Have your furnace inspected, cleaned, and tuned up

Yearly maintenance for your furnace ensures that it is in good working order and that it is operating at peak efficiency. The best time for a furnace tuneup is late summer or early fall, but even into the winter is still fine, and better than not at all. You can avoid heating problems and save some money by making furnace maintenance a priority. 

Change your filters

At the very least you should change your filters twice a year when you switch from AC to heat and vice versa. Changing them quarterly is even better for your system and can keep more dust and dirt out of your ducts. Most HVAC companies will replace your filters as part of your regular maintenance appointments. 

Upgrade to a programmable thermostat

Now is a good time to switch to programmable thermostats. Save energy and money by setting your thermostat to automatically adjust your indoor temperature based on the time of day. When no one is home or at night while everyone is under the covers it isn’t necessary to have the heat set as high as you do during other times of the day. 

Check your insulation

Is your home’s insulation sufficient? It’s important to inspect insulation occasionally for deterioration and for cracks or gaps that may be letting in outside air. You may want to add insulation to your home and weather stripping around door frames. Seal up any cracks or gaps you find where cold air could be seeping in and lowering the efficiency of your furnace. 

Carolina Fuels Can Help Make Sure Your Furnace is Ready for Winter

Are you looking for a propane supplier in Reidsville that can not only fill up your tank but tune-up your furnace as well? Call Carolina Fuels at (336) 623-9741 to schedule a winter readiness check-up for your propane furnace and tank. The sooner you do so the better to avoid paying too much for home heat this winter.