5 Signs you Need a New Furnace

cold young girlHow is your furnace performing lately? If that question made you stop and think and you realize that you hardly even notice it, then your furnace is most likely operating well. However, if you have been noticing some unusual changes around your home lately, it’s possible your furnace is on its last leg. If you’re wondering whether you need furnace repair in Burlington or a complete furnace replacement, consider these signs that you may need a new furnace.  

  1. You notice unusual or increased noises coming from your furnace. Is your typically quiet furnace starting to sound like a jet plane taking off every time it fires up? Are you noticing a bunch of rattling, humming, or buzzing that you never noticed before? New or increased noises are a sign that your furnace is not operating properly.  
  2. Your furnace runs but never reaches your desired temperature. Does it seem like your furnace is always on, but you still feel chilly and your thermostat is not reaching the desired set temperature? A furnace that is producing insufficient heat will run overtime and eventually burn itself out. 
  3. Your energy bills have been higher than usual. Are you looking at your gas bill and thinking that it seems quite high compared to last year’s bill? Increased energy usage is a sign your furnace is starting to fail. A furnace in poor condition will use more energy and cause your bills to noticeably increase.  
  4. Frequent furnace repairs have been necessary. Does it seem like you’ve had to call for furnace repair much too often lately? Frequent repairs are a sign that your furnace may need to be replaced sooner than later.  
  5. You see visible signs of damage or wear. If you look at your furnace and see obvious rust, cracks, or other signs of age, its likely time for a new system. By the time the outside shows the damage, the inside is worse.  

Furnace Replacement can Save you Money and Offer you Peace of Mind 

It’s common to dread the cost of a furnace replacement. It seems like a lot of money up front, but furnace replacement can be a blessing in disguise. When you replace your old furnace with a new one, you save money in a lot of different ways. Remember those high energy bills? With the latest technology, your new furnace will be so much more efficient than your old system, it will noticeably lower your energy bills. Tired of paying for furnace repair in Burlington every season or every few months? Put that money toward a new furnace that will run for many years with only periodic maintenance required. Would you like to stop worrying that your furnace might fail on a cold night and know for sure that your home will be consistently comfortable? A new system offers you that peace of mind. Alamance Oil can expertly replace your old furnace with a new, high-efficiency furnace. Call (336) 226-9371 to get a free estimate today.