AC Repair in Burlington, NC and Sun-Blocking Blinds Maximize Comfort

AC Repair in BurlingtonThe 90 degree days are upon us, and a cool house is a nice sanctuary to escape the heat. If your air conditioner is not providing this cool escape, then you may need to schedule an AC repair in Burlington, NC.  A service check up of your unit will ensure that your system is ready to tackle the hot days ahead and operate at top efficiency.  Instead of cranking up your AC unit, consider helping your home stay cooler with sun-blocking blinds.  This will not only save energy and money, but will also increase the comfort level in your home.

For Greater Insulation and Energy Efficiency, Use Honeycomb Shades

Once your HVAC system has been tuned up by Alamance Oil, consider ways to shade your windows to keep the sun and heat out to not only help with your electric bills, but also provide you with a cooler and comfortable environment.  There are various shades and curtains that can block the sun effectively and keep your house cooler, as noted on

“Curtains or shades add an extra layer of insulation and increase the energy efficiency of each window covered. The thicker the curtains, the more energy you’ll save, especially if you mount the curtains as close to the window as possible. Otherwise, hot air will end up escaping around the curtains and into your room – and vice versa with cold air. For energy-efficient shades, skip single louvered panels, whether made of aluminum or vinyl. Instead, aim for shades constructed in a cellular or honeycomb pattern.

Honeycomb shades work by creating an insulating pocket of air in each cell that separates the window air space from the room air space.  When not in use, the blinds fold up into a thin band at the top of my window. When down, they provide an effective barrier to the outside air, but still let enough light in that the room can be bright if I use them during the day.”

Using shades and curtains to block the sun takes the stress off your air conditioner, so it doesn’t have to run full blast on the hottest days to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. Keeping your unit in top condition is also important, so don’t neglect to have your annual HVAC maintenance visit by Alamance Oil. 

For AC Unit Efficiency, Add Roller Shades to Windows to Seal Out Warm Window Temperatures

Roller shades are specifically designed to trap the hot air from the window, so it does not seep into the house. At, the effectiveness of this type of shade is described:

“Roller shades, made from heavy-duty fabric, can also reduce window energy loss. To get the most out of the shade, mount them on a track that runs inside the window frame. When the shade is down, very little energy will seep into or out that window.”

The Department of Energy states that utilizing window coverings properly can reduce heat gain by up to 77 percent.  If choosing drapes or curtains for your windows, studies show that medium-colored draperies with white backings can reduce heat gain by 33 percent.

If these tips don’t help you beat the heat, reduce air conditioning repair, and your utility bills are still skyrocketing then it may be time to consider a new, more energy-efficient air conditioner.  Your cooling system may be at the end of its service life and working overtime to produce comfortable temperatures.  Call the professionals at Alamance Oil to perform an evaluation of your HVAC system to see if a repair is needed, or a replacement is in order. 

Alamance Oil installs top brand heating and cooling systems that are designed with advanced technology to help you save money on your utility bills.  A high-efficient air conditioner, combined with energy saving techniques like using window coverings, will go a long way to reducing your energy bills and increasing your comfort this summer.

To get ready for the summer heat, contact Alamance Oil for AC repairs in Burlington, NC, maintenance and replacement systems. We want to restore the cool temperatures to your home, and help with cost savings on energy bills. Contact us today at 336-226-9371.

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