AC Tune-Up in Greensboro: Why is it so Important?

When it comes to the working of your air conditioner, an AC tune-up in Greensboro is crucial. An AC tune-up involves an inspection, thorough cleaning, and repair or replacement of any worn out parts. Preventative maintenance can catch any potential problems before they can cause system failure. Maintenance and AC repair in Greensboro also help your HVAC system to cool more efficiently and use less energy. If you are contemplating a tune-up for the first time, you may have some questions.

What time of year should I schedule an appointment?

The best time of year for air conditioning maintenance is during the spring, before you will be running your AC every day. If your AC has been tuned-up, then you know it will work smoothly when it’s working its hardest. If you wait until the weather becomes hot, and your air conditioning has problems keeping up, guess how many other people are likely to be in the same boat? It could take a long time to get an appointment for a technician to come out to your home to perform emergency AC service in Greensboro. And if you wait until the summer is in full swing, you may have wasted a lot of energy and money while your AC was running inefficiently throughout the summer months.

How often does my air conditioner need maintenance?

Your cooling system should be tuned up every year. A whole season of cooling can cause a lot of dirt and dust to build up in your system. When dirt accumulates on the coils in your air conditioner, it forms an unwanted layer of insulation that prevents the coil from absorbing heat and creating cool air as it should. And after running full tilt for a hot summer, your system may be starting to wear out in certain parts, and may need serious AC service in Greensboro. It can also get dried out and need to be lubricated to prevent early wear and tear.

What will a tune-up in Greensboro entail?

Your technician will most likely follow a standard maintenance checklist that includes an inspection of all of the working parts and components of your air conditioning system. If any part is worn-out or beginning to show signs of wear, it will be repaired or replaced. Certain parts are thoroughly cleaned and all of the filters will be replaced. Electrical wiring will be checked for proper connections. At the end of the tune-up, your AC will be running as efficiently as possible.

Who should I call for a tune-up in the Greensboro area?

Call a reliable, experienced HVAC company like Berico Heating and Air Conditioning. Berico has been providing air conditioning repair and AC tune-ups in Greensboro for generations. Our Comfort and Protection service plans include maintenance for your air conditioner as well as your furnace and can include heating fuel delivery if needed. Enjoy priority service, discounted repairs, and no emergency or after-hours fees should your AC quit unexpectedly. Call Berico at (336) 273-8663 to schedule a tune-up or AC service in Greensboro today.

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